Monica Seles Engaged to Former Buffalo Sabres Owner Tom Golisano

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Monica Seles Engaged to Former Buffalo Sabres Owner Tom Golisano
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Former Buffalo Sabres co-owner Tom Golisano announced his engagement to former tennis star and world No. 1 Monica Seles last Thursday.   

Golisano was speaking at Bishop Kearney High School in Irondequoit, New York, when he made an offhand comment introducing his fiancee, Seles, per Patrice Walsh of 13WHAM in Rochester, New York:

According to The Democrat & Chronicle in Rochester, "The two have been dating for several years."

Seles was, of course, one of the most promising female tennis stars of the early 1990s. She famously won the 1990 French Open at the age of 16 and followed up with eight more Grand Slam titles over her illustrious career.

In 1993, she was stabbed by a fan in an on-court attack during the Citizen Cup in Germany. The incident kept her out of action for two years, per The Democrat & Chronicle.

Golisano was a majority owner of the Sabres from 2003 to 2011, when he sold the team to Terry Pegula. Although his sporting interests have been dormant since, that may change very soon.

During the assembly at Bishop Kearney, Golisano revealed that he is in fact interested in purchasing a stake in the Buffalo Bills but only for the right price, per Justin Murphy of The Democrat & Chronicle:

Everybody has a degree of reasonableness. If it costs way more than I'm willing to pay, then I won't feel bad if I don't get them. I'll only feel bad if they move out of western New York. If they get moved out of western New York, I'm not going to feel very good about it. I might even feel partially responsible. Not totally, but partially responsible.

As Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio posited, this all opens up the chance of Seles becoming a stakeholder in the Bills as well, by virtue of her relationship to Golisano.

"Given that Golisano is 72 and Seles is 40, Seles will likely end up surviving Golisano, at some point," Florio wrote. "Which depending on ownership structures and prenuptial agreements could put her in position to own the team."

As Florio tweeted out, Seles is at least a likelier candidate to own the team than Donald Trump, which most fans will probably be happy with:

Obviously, Seles and Golisano's impending nuptials could end up having an impact on the franchise if the latter pursues ownership of the team. Golisano saved the Sabres from leaving Buffalo earlier, and chances are that if he bought the Bills, an agreement would be in place to keep them in Western New York for the long term.

For the time being, though, those plans will likely be on the back burner as Golisano focuses on his fiancee and their wedding plans.

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