Laugh Out Loud Videos of the Day: Pool Bloopers and Shaq Sings 'Over the Edge'

Midwest Sports FansAnalyst IMarch 31, 2017

A couple of quick videos that are just sublime in their awesomeness. And, as usual, were found by taking a daily perusal of Hot Clicks by Jimmy Traina.

The first one is Shaq lip-syncing the song “Over the Edge” by Akon, and was posted just a few days ago on YouTube, obviously in the aftermath of the announcement that Shaq will be in Cleveland next year. This is further proof why Shaq is one of the most entertaining athletes of all-time.

And the next video literally had be laughing the entire time. I realize that kids falling into swimming pools and dude’s getting racked by diving boards shouldn’t be funny, but it is. (And it doesn’t look to me like anything beyond a few bumps and bruises occurred anyway.)