Debate: Should England Start Raheem Sterling in Attack Against Italy?

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Debate: Should England Start Raheem Sterling in Attack Against Italy?
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There are plenty of positive words coming out of the England camp with regard to Raheem Sterling.

He could be handed a start down the centre, ahead of England’s apparent No. 1 attacking option Wayne Rooney, when the Three Lions take on Italy on Saturday.

It would be a bold move by manager Roy Hodgson, but would it be the right move?


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More deserving of a starting place than Lallana, Rooney and Welbeck and definitely has the composure to perform on the big stage.
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Sterling offers far more in terms of creativity, goal threat and penetration (through his pace and dribbling) than the likes of Welbeck and Lallana; t...
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Yes but in a 442 diamond. So, Rooney and Sturridge as the out and out strikers, then sterling as the no. 10 and Lallana and Henderson either side of h...
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Raheem sterling should start without a doubt. The penetration he gives with his pace and creativity will definantly scare the italian defense. Sterlin...
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Simply when u mentioned those 2 names lallana, rooney u dont know what your talking about u just dont kno I feel sterilin would be more effective comi...
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