Where In The World Is... Justin Hulsey?

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Where In The World Is... Justin Hulsey?

I just wanted to send this to apologize and try to give a decent
excuse on why I have not been a very active contributer lately.

As most of my readers know, I have at least two-three new posts per week. Lately, that has obviously not been the case.

At least for a couple weeks (depending on how things go) my site and articles on BR will be put on hold. I have been given a tremendous
opportunity, and a chance to “live the dream” that I just cannot pass

Some of you may know a guy by the name of Daniel Poneman. He is now 17
years old and has been in Sports Illustraded a couple times and has
appeared on countless TV stations (CBS, ABC, etc, etc) about what he

He runs the site IllinoisHSBasketball.com and scouts high school
basketball players across the country, but mainly in Illinois. His job
is, basically, to open doors for high school athletes that are looking
to play sports at the collegiate level.

He wants to expand to different sports throughout different states.
Since he is 17 and everybody gets a kick out of this teen that has all
of the Big Ten Conference head coaches on speed dial, he is looking to
hire other kids.

I know him from Facebook and talked to him every once in a while. On
Friday, he sends me a message that just says “text me”. So we get to
talking about sports in general and then discuss what he does and I
mentioned that “I would kill to have that job.” His reply came shortly
thereafter with “You now have that job.”

Basically, he offered me my dream job and I accepted later that night.
I will run the MissouriHSBaseball.com site and travel across the state
(sometimes out of it) to scout high school baseball players for
colleges. It is a year-round thing, but I only have to do as much as I
have time for.

SO I should get back to blogging at some point, I just have to take
some time off right now to get things together and prepare for the new
gig. I’ve been staying up until 4-5 in the morning lately just trying
to contact a list of 200 high school baseball players. I’m definitely
running on fumes right now and just don’t have the time to write stuff
for the site.

Hope you understand. I just wanted to make should this was known
before you thought I simply went AWOL.

Have a good one, Cardinal Nation.

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