Bear with Us...PLEASE!

Michael HromaContributor IMay 1, 2008

Yet another NFL draft class has come and gone, and the Chicago Bears have yet to find a true leader. I think maybe they already have one. 

Chicago's draft picks (a first-round OT, second-round RB, and a third-round WR) has Bears fans asking, WTF?

I believe that what the Bears are doing is asking us, the fans, to bear with them, as they try to bring back a powerful running game.

One would have to think, that with some fresh O-linemen, and a new running back, they are trying to set up an efficient running game, with the almighty play action in their back pocket, a play which is the heart of Chicago Bears football.

If that plan pans out, then the third-round wide-out makes complete sense. Still, that leaves a couple questions. Will Kyle Orton step up and become the leader of the pack? Can Orton maintain his composure to make a smart pass when called upon to do so?

Kyle Orton has stepped up in the past, and has shown real potential at times.  In his rookie season, he clawed the Bears through an eight-game winning streak, and a total of 10 wins. Stepping in for the last three games of the 2007 season, Orton went 2-3, which included a mauling of the NFC North Champions, the Green Bay Packers.  

Chicago Bears fans, and football fans alike, would most likely agree that there definitely will not be another GROSSman season.

Will Kyle Orton be the future of Chicago Bears football? As of right now, he's all they got. And with a career record of 12-18, he really isn't looking that bad.