NBA Tradewinds a Blowin

Dave NemetzSenior Analyst IMarch 29, 2017

IconIs anyone else still thoroughly confused by the NBA offseason rules?  Players can agree to contracts in principle on certain dates, but can't sign on the dotted line until a few weeks later.  Trades seem to be the same way.  It's been like this for a few years, but I still don't get it.  I do give basketball props for developing a free agency / salary cap system that seems to work well, rewards players for staying with the same team, keeps draft picks around for enough time to develop with the team that drafted them, and keeps contracts somewhat in check (although teams never fail to astound with the huge deals they hand out to undeserving players, but thats the GMs fault, not the league's).
Anyway, all that being said, there are a few deals out there that seem to be in NBA trade purgatory.  First on everyone's list is the AI deal, which has been imminent since the end of the season but always seems to hit a snag.  I don't know how to feel about this.  Iverson is certainly a great player and an absolute Hall of Famer, but I don't feel like he is the type who can come in and make a good team great, or lead a team to a championship. 
The rumors of him going to the Warriors are hopefully unfounded, as trading one of their core for him would maybe earn them a few more wins next year, but would screw up their development.  And after all, they don't need another guard who takes lots of shots - they need size (please!).  Boston would make more sense for AI - I feel like the city would embrace him at least at first and they're in more of a desperation win-now mode with Paul Pierce in his prime and all.  I just don't know how well the Answer and the Truth can co-exist.  It'd be an interesting experiment, but without a strong, diplomatic coach (of which Doc Rivers is neither) around to make sure both superstars are happy, I don't see it working out well.
So where will AI end up?  I could see a dark horse team like the Grizzlies swooping in for him.  Jerry West always has something up his sleeve, and I'm sure he recognizes the greatness of Iverson.  Plus an Iverson-Gasol combo would be pretty damn lethal if you ask me.  Only time shall tell, though.
As for my beloved, beleagured Warriors, all signs point to them angling for a sign-and-trade with Atlanta for Al Harrington.  Hopefully they pull it off and only have to part with Troy Murphy, whose guaranteed 15-10 every night is either underrated (because, hey, how many white guys can guarantee 15-10 a night) or underrated (because he's unathletic and can't play inside), depending on your outlook and the team he's on.  I'd take Harrington's athleticism on the youthful Warriors in a heartbeat over Murphy, although I'm not sure Murphy is the right fit for Atlanta either.  Hopefully Billy Knight lives up to his reputation of not being able to think things through (see the Joe Johnson / Boris Diaw swindle) and just pulls the trigger on a Murphy-Harrington deal, his eyes clouded by the double-double average.
That's it as far as deals that I can think of, but my NBA view is pretty Warriors-centric.  KG doesn't look like he's going anywhere, at least not until the trade deadline, and otherwise its been a relatively quiet offseason with Bosh, Wade, and Lebron declining to test the market.  Anyone else have anything to add that I'm forgetting?