Answers....or.....Things Are Not What They Seem To Be!

Jon ChonarContributor IJune 29, 2009

Today all I am attempting to do is to bring attention questions which are never asked by sports writers, news casters, reporters in general, and the news media, which I feel are important and necessary to "fill in the gaps" and get the "real story" of what is happening. With that being made clear I now will list the "questions never asked" so that you may decide if they are worth asking or provide answers and information to what has happened by "those being interviewed on radio or TV.

If those players who went to Congress and did not answer directly, and said they refuse to answer under the grounds that it may incriminate them, then if they were innocent why would they say that or attempt to hide something? If you are innocent answer yes I took steroids or no I didn't take steroids. If you don't answer honestly you "are hiding something" and it will be revealed eventually.

If a manager has won 2 National League Pennants and suddenly comes out and says he's done everything he can to snap his team out of a slump then is it saying I am tired  of answering the media and what is going on and giving up, or was it the team that did it by themselves without the manager's guidence, discipline, and motivation. Isn't the manager's job suppose to be a motivator, a leader, someone to admire and look up to and follow the road to success? Then why did this manager give up?

If a manager makes a statement saying "whoever is hitting will be in the lineup tomorrow" and then doesn't follow through on it is he lying?  Meaning if someone gets a couple hits then is benched because of a big contract player is coming back from an injury is this being fair or contradictory?

If a player says he likes "to bat lead off", and is not getting on base, not hitting, or contributing in any other way to help the team win and the manager does nothing to remove him from lead off, then Who is Managing the team?  The player or the Manager? How long do you give someone before they "both" know nothing is going to change?

Okay, this is my opening article and I hope at least I have stimulated your brains, thoughts, ideas.  I am here to read your replies, comments, and/or arguments. 

Thank You

Jon Chonar