MLB Draft 2014: Updated Order, Day 3 Predictions and Day 2 Results

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Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, left, shakes hands with outfielder Derek Hill from Elk Grove High School in Sacramento, California, at the 2014 MLB baseball draft Thursday, June 5, 2014, in Secaucus, N.J. Hill was selected by the Detroit Tigers with the 23rd pick in the first round. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)
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All 30 MLB teams have spent the first two days of the 2014 MLB draft assessing top talent to choose from in order to build the futures of their franchises. Now entering Day 3, it's all about surfacing high-potential players who could potentially sign deals. 

With 10 rounds already in the books, there's now much more flexibility for teams with their picks, and you will start to see teams less worried about selecting the right guy and more focused on finding potential. It's easier said than done, but with 40 rounds of a draft to fill, teams will go deep into their scouting books to figure out who's worth the late-round picks.

Let's break down results from Friday's Day 2 action and look ahead to Day 3.


Day 2 Results

Visit's draft hub for up-to-date results of every round of action.


2014 MLB Draft: Rounds 11-40

When: Saturday, June 7

Start Time: 1 p.m. ET



Day 3 Order

2014 MLB Draft Order: Rounds 11-40
1Houston Astros
2Miami Marlins
3Chicago White Sox
4Chicago Cubs
5Minnesota Twins
6Seattle Mariners
7Philadelphia Phillies
8Colorado Rockies
9Toronto Blue Jays
10New York Mets
11Milwaukee Brewers
12San Diego Padres
13San Francisco Giants
14Los Angeles Angels
15Arizona Diamondbacks
16Baltimore Orioles
17New York Yankees
18Kansas City Royals
19Washington Nationals
20Cincinnati Reds
21Texas Rangers
22Tampa Bay Rays
23Cleveland Indians
24Los Angeles Dodgers
25Detroit Tigers
26Pittsburgh Pirates
27Oakland Athletics
28Atlanta Braves
29Boston Red Sox
30St. Louis Cardinals


Day 3 Predictions

Most Early Day 3 Picks Will End Up Being Wasted

Bill Kostroun/Associated Press

This is the part of the MLB draft where things get really tricky.

On Thursday, anybody selected is almost guaranteed to pass up an opportunity to play college ball considering there's not much better than entering as a first or second-round pick. Even into Friday, it takes a lot to pass up signing that professional contract—being drafted in the first 10 rounds is as good as it gets for many players. 

But when it enters Saturday and the round numbers enter the teens, players' chances of passing up commitments to a college program will go down drastically. 

See, there are tons of talented pitchers and fielders still available who any of the 30 teams would throw a wad of money at to join their organization. But many of the ones good enough to come off the board early on Saturday are good enough to know that waiting it out is likely best.

Even a year in the college ranks can allow a player to climb from a 12th-round pick to a third-round pick, and that's the sort of jump that makes a difference of millions of dollars—on top of the added chances of actually getting to the majors. 

It becomes somewhat of a risk for baseball players, especially high-potential ones, to sign on with a team that drafts them in Day 3 of the draft. By signing, they forego the opportunity to enter next year's draft or the year after. 

Not that it's any different than previous years, but plenty of selections starting in the 11th round will end up being a waste of time. 


Dean Deetz Will Be Best Player to Sign

In case you're tuning into these predictions halfway through, most of the top talents on the board in Day 3 won't actually be making the jump to pro baseball and will instead opt to try their luck after another year.

That makes transitional talent willing to make the jump all the more valuable, and Dean Deetz may very well fit into that category.

The redshirt freshman missed all of the 2013 season recovering from Tommy John surgery, but he took off this spring with a big season in junior college at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M. His limited workload in college thus far may have contributed to his fall down the boards, but he's got the arsenal of pitches that MLB teams will be drooling to develop.

His fastball took off in his 2014 season as his velocity reached new heights, and his slider is his next-best pitch. As he develops his four-pitch template, there's no better place to do that than in a minor league system.

According to his Twitter profile, Deetz is committed to playing at Wichita State but adds in his bio that he'll be "hopefully taking my talents to spring training."

As long as he doesn't choose to pick the Shockers ahead of his likely 11th or 12th-round selection, he'll emerge as the best player to sign out of Day 3.


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