John Cena Needs to Continue Working with New Talent

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistJune 6, 2014

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John Cena is so accomplished in WWE. It's not even fun anymore putting him up against marquee names.

We've seen him face everyone who is a notable name and a realistic possibility.

He's beaten them all.

WrestleMania 30 was historic. Cena wasn't in the top fight to find out who was a bigger star between he or The Rock. He also wasn't in a title match. He worked Bray Wyatt who had only been on the main roster for 10 months at that time. It wasn't a match for superstar status or titles. The match was focused around Wyatt wanting to see Cena's legacy burn.

The two had three pay-per-view matches over the next few months. Cena won two of the three, but the wins and losses don't ultimately matter. What mattered was the added credibility and exposure Wyatt got.

John Cena needs to continue being used in this way. Stars like Cena aren't a dime a dozen. When you have a guy like him in this era, there comes a point where you can cash in on his status and rub it off on the next big names for WWE.

The next guy to rub it off on is Rusev.

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The classic foreign heel gimmick gets a roll of the eyes by a lot of the audience. WWE has gone down this path before with guys who weren't ready at all to handle themselves in the ring with top-level talent. I don't think Rusev will fall into that.

WWE has NXT. Now more than ever they are getting a chance to evaluate and simulate how these guys will fare in the ring. The audience reactions can vary from NXT to WWE, but if they're good in the ring then that's a constant. A ring is a ring.

Cena working with Rusev this summer would make a lot of sense. Cena appears to be done with his Wyatt feud and needs a new goal. With Money in the Bank coming soon, I can easily see Cena going after that but Rusev cutting him off. This would push them to a match at SummerSlam.

Rusev up against WWE's superhero. The Cena fans will have a reason to hate Rusev, and the Cena haters will have a reason to cheer Rusev.

The key for this feud to be successful is the first match can't disappoint. It doesn't have to be a classic, in fact, I'd prefer it not be. I think each of Cena and Wyatt's matches continued to top the previous. However, the first match has to be interesting enough for the feud to continue over a few months and events. This ensures Rusev gets some nights where he is booked standing over a defeated Cena.

Lana will also have to play a big role in this as she's the one who has to sell the feud verbally for Rusev.

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Another name I think Cena needs to work with potentially before the end of 2014: Bad News Barrett. The two are very familiar with each other stemming from the days of Nexus. Except now, Barrett is a relevant name to the audience more than ever.

I also think whenever Dean Ambrose is in his own singles career as a heel that the potential on the mic and in the ring between him and Cena would be entertaining and profitable.

But for now, Rusev versus Cena at SummerSlam is what I think we need to see.

Rusev has kept much of the audience in neutral as he comes out with the same act and wins squash matches to establish his dominance. Not a ton of reaction yet. Put him anything involving Cena, there will be a reaction one way or the other.

Justin LaBar is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. He is also the creator of the "Chair Shot Reality" video talk show and "Wrestling Reality" radio show.