Carolina Panthers Star Luke Kuechly Talks Madden 15 and More

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIJune 6, 2014

MIKE MCCARN/Associated Press

Earlier this week, I had an opportunity to speak with Carolina Panthers star Luke Kuechly.

At just 22 years old, Kuechly had 156 tackles, two sacks and four interceptions in 2013.

That output for one of the game's best defenses earned Kuechly the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award. That officially makes him one of the coolest players in the league.

In turn, he's now the perfect player to help promote the newest Madden NFL video game.

Defense is a major focus for the game this year. Because of that, it's only natural to have one of the NFL's young stud defenders as one of the spokesmen.

During the interview captured in the video above, Kuechly talks about seeing himself in the game. In case you didn't see the trailer that dropped on Friday, take a look below.

It clearly looks as if the Madden series has taken its first full step on Generation 4 consoles.

From what we can see from the snippets of video in the trailer, the player models are on par with the prettiest games we've seen on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

This should make even the staunchest critics of the series raise an eyebrow. We need to see more, but the development team seems to have benefited from being able to devote all of its football resources into Madden 15.

With no college football series on tap, this time period was all about Madden.

Kuechly also talks briefly about Panthers first-round pick Kelvin Benjamin, and his thoughts on the cover vote final between his teammate Cam Newton and the Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman.

Take a look at the video to hear the interview in its entirety. Stay tuned for more information on Madden 15 as it becomes available during the weeks leading up to its August 26 release.


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