Philip Rivers Wears a Wig While Playing Softball

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJune 5, 2014

via @DaniKDub

Between the mullet wig and the shorts, San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers knows how to have some fun while playing softball.

Here's a full shot of Rivers' outfit:

via @DaniKDub

Rivers and other members of the Chargers are apparently in a softball league. Take a look at Eric Weddle and Danny Woodhead in action:

This whole situation may seem a bit unusual, but SBNation's John Gennaro shared an email that was sent to the site that helps explain the picture. Here's part of the email:

My niece went to watch her boyfriend play softball last night, somewhere in RB or Poway. They showed up to play and quickly realize they're playing a team full of Chargers.

The pictures are horrible, but you can see that Weddle is playing third and Rivers at short. Rivers is wearing a dark mullet wig, if you can believe that. I think that's Woodhead's real hair though (at the plate).

Any team that plays the Chargers' softball team is in for a wild experience.

[Twitter, h/t CBS Sports]