WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from June 5, 2014

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistJune 6, 2014

WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from June 5, 2014

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    Credit: WWE.com

    One week after NXT presented Takeover and became the talk of the wrestling world, the developmental brand hit the WWE Network airwaves for its latest episode, headlined by NXT champion Adrian Neville vs. Justin Gabriel.

    Just seven days after successfully defending his title against Tyson Kidd, would an emotionally and physically drained Neville be able to thwart the challenge of Gabriel, or would he be upset by "The Cape Town Werewolf"?

    After a classic Divas match at Takeover, new NXT women's champion Charlotte took on Bayley. Would she get her title reign off to a hot start by defeating the huggable Diva, or would Bayley throw her name into contention by knocking off the new titleholder in a major upset?

    Mojo Rawley attempted to regain momentum after last week's brutal beatdown at the hands of Rusev, and Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan continued their quest to earn a tag title opportunity.

    With the June 5 episode of NXT in the books, find out everything that went down when the hottest roster in professional wrestling delivered another action-packed episode, exclusively on the WWE Network.

Mojo Rawley vs. Aiden English

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    Credit: WWE.com

    An energetic and hyped Mojo Rawley hit the ring to kick off the show, just one week after falling victim to Rusev.

    Rawley ran over English early, but a strong clothesline from English turned the tides. The singing villain kept Rawley grounded with a textbook chin lock. Rawley fought out and mounted a comeback.

    Moments later, Rawley delivered Hyperdrive for the win.


    Rawley, via pinfall, following Hyperdrive

    Highlights and Quotes

    "Just like American, when I get knocked down, I get right back up." -Mojo Rawley in a pre-match interview that was straight out of 1980s WWE

    "Last week, you failed the USA." -Aiden English, insulting Rawley in song 

    "Just did a musical on Broadway with Katy Perry, The King and I, but she wouldn't shave her head." -William Regal on English




    A week after Rawley looked vulnerable for the first time in his NXT career, he was right back to the tired squash match that he has wrestled a dozen times to this point.

    English is a talented worker whose match with Sheamus several weeks ago was outstanding. That he is treading water and being so soundly defeated by Rawley on two separate occasions now is disappointing. Hopefully, NXT's resident "Artiste" bounces back sometime in the very near future. 

Bayley vs. Charlotte

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    The always lovable Bayley was the first Diva to step up and test new NXT women's champion Charlotte this week, and she received a warm welcome from the NXT Universe.

    Bayley outwrestled Charlotte early, frustrating the champion. The second-generation Diva fought back with knees to the midsection and back before delivering a lethal chop to the chest and taking control of the bout.

    The NXT Universe came alive with alternating cheers of "Let's go Bayley" and "Let's go Charlotte" as the champion wore Bayley down with the Figure Four Headlock.

    Sasha attempted to get involved, but Bayley delivered a hard forearm. She climbed the ropes and caught Charlotte with a diving back elbow.

    Suddenly, Summer Rae's music played, and the leggy blonde made her return to NXT in the middle of the match.

    Bayley tried for a backslide, but Charlotte rolled out and delivered Bow Down to the Queen for the victory.

    The BFFs teamed up to beat down Bayley, but Paige and Emma hit the ring, chasing the villainesses off.


    Charlotte, via pinfall, with Bow Down to the Queen 

    Highlights and Quotes

    "Sasha doesn't look jealous at all. She's looks very proud of Charlotte." -William Regal on Sasha Banks



    This was a very competitive match that was also newsworthy, thanks to the return of Summer Rae.

    The most interesting aspect of the match was the attention Sasha Banks paid to Charlotte's title. While the announcers spoke like the BFFs were on the same page, it did not appear that way prior to the match or afterward, when Sasha migrated to Summer Rae as if she were the big sister she'd been sorely missing.

    The arrival of Paige and Emma should set up some interesting matches in the coming weeks and, potentially, a blockbuster six-woman tag match in the near future.

Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger vs. Stewart Cumberland and Phillip Ghouljar

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    Credit: WWE.com

    With no other team capable of stepping up to challenge The Ascension for the NXT Tag Team Championship, Tye Dillinger and Jason Jordan returned to NXT in an attempt to throw their names into the mix for a future title shot.

    Jordan and Dillinger started hot, but the jobbers took control midway through the bout. After playing babyface-in-peril, Dillinger made the tag to Jordan, who provided a bit of a spark for the bout.

    An Angle Slam (now known as the Jordan Slam) mercifully ended the match.


    Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger, via pinfall, following the Jordan Slam  

    Highlights and Quotes

    "These are two superior athletes." -Tom Phillips, attempting to define the otherwise generic babyface duo

    "You look at Tye Dillinger...he's like the more technically gifted part of the team." -Phillips

    "Can I just say it again: Phillip Ghouljar." -William Regal, infatuated with the name of one of this week's jobbers

    "Why do I feel like no one's paying attention to me tonight?" -Byron Saxton, clearly not aware of the fact that no one listens to him any night




    William Regal, Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips put over Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger as a team with the potential to dethrone The Ascension as NXT tag team champions, while that same team struggled to defeat two job guys with very little shot of ever appearing on NXT again.

    It was not the greatest first step to tag team glory for Jordan and Dillinger, who came across as incredibly bland Thursday night.

Tyler Breeze Promo and Music Video Premiere

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    Tyler Breeze made his way to the ring and grabbed a microphone.

    He talked about beating Sami Zayn on last week's show, promised to beat Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship and then premiered his debut music video.

    Afterward, he was visibly emotional as the crowd chanted compliments, and then he shouted "No!" to end the segment.

    Highlights and Quotes

    "Last week at Takeover, I did just that, I took over by beating Seth Rogen's less good-looking brother, Sami Zayn." -Breeze

    "I'm going to keep Adrian 'The Man That Maybelline Forgot' Neville on his feet." -Breeze, in reference to the stipulation that he gets to pick the time and place for his title shot

    "This video is dedicated to all my fans...even the uggos." -Breeze, prior to the music video

    "Those lyrics were brilliant. I wrote them." -Breeze

    "That was awesome!" -The NXT Universe




    OK, so the overabundance of pluses may be too much, but the music video, the performance of Tyler Breeze throughout it and the promo before it aired were spectacular.

    It was exactly the sort of thing that sets the Breeze character apart from the rest of the NXT roster. He has such command of the persona and completely submerges himself in it. That he has been allowed to prove his abilities between the ropes as of late will only help him endear him to the audience.

    The music video was completely over-the-top and hilarious.

Adrian Neville vs. Justin Gabriel

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    Justin Gabriel became the latest main roster Superstar to try to slow Adrian Neville's momentum and end his undefeated streak in 2014.

    Neville and Gabriel exchanged some basic grappling early, but it was Neville who became the first competitor to successfully land a high flying assault courtesy of a flipping senton off the apron.

    During the break, Gabriel took control of the match. He kept Neville grounded via a double underhook submission.

    The NXT champion fought back with his furious offense and delivered a missile dropkick for two. He took off across the ring and countered a tilt-a-whirl into a guillotine submission hold, but had it countered into a Northern Lights Suplex for two.

    Neville ducked out of a springboard moonsault attack but was caught with a nasty dropkick to the midsection. A huge bruise formed over the right eye of Gabriel. Neville rolled out of the way of a 450 splash, delivered a running dropkick into the corner and scored the win with the Red Arrow.

    After the match, Tyson Kidd made his way to the ring. He apologized for his actions at Takeover and requested a rematch against Neville, who granted the request and shook Kidd's hand.


    Adrian Neville, via pinfall, following Red Arrow

    Highlights and Quotes

    "There is no way you can have a battle like that and be 100 percent." -William Regal on Adrian Neville's health this week

    "He feels like he discovered some weaknesses that maybe Kidd failed to expose." -Saxton on Justin Gabriel 

    "I'm out here to tell you man-to-man that I am honestly sorry." -Tyson Kidd



    Neville defeated Gabriel in a very competitive main event, but it was the revelation after the match that the champion is willing to grant Kidd a rematch for the NXT Championship that is the most newsworthy.

    Their first match was outstanding, and the rematch should follow suit. There was a hint of insincerity as Kidd apologized for ignoring Neville's show of respect at Takeover, and the cocky look he flashed after declaring that he would beat Neville in the rematch only supported it.

    Where this leaves No. 1 contender Tyler Breeze is a mystery, but the title picture was desperately in need of new blood after repetitive matches involving Bo Dallas, Sami Zayn and Neville, and that is exactly what we have now.

    It was a suitable and quality way to end a solid episode of NXT.