Andrew Bynum Tells Paparazzi Reporter That He'd Love to Return to the Lakers

Jake SilverSocial Media StaffJune 5, 2014

via TMZ

Was Andrew Bynum being baited? Absolutely. Was the question leading? No doubt.

Was he even serious? That's for you to decide.

What we do know is that Bynum said a return to the Los Angeles Lakers would "be great," and that he'd prefer the Lakers over the Los Angeles Clippers.

Video of the exchange is below. Since it might not play on mobile devices, we've also included a transcript of the interaction.

TMZ Reporter: "Are you a free agent right now?"

Bynum: "Yep."

TMZ Reporter: "Where are you hoping to land?"

Bynum: "I don't know."

TMZ Reporter: "Your home is in L.A., would you like to come back to L.A.?"

Bynum: "That’d be great, come back home."

TMZ Reporter: "Clippers or Lakes?"

Bynum: "Lakers."

TMZ Reporter: "You’d rather be with the Lakers?"

Bynum: “Yep.”


[TMZ, h/t Black Sports Online]