Examining Potential Stables WWE Can Add to Elevate Stars

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 5, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Entering a stable would help lift WWE Superstars like The Miz who continue to watch their momentum dissipate.

To better use the company's struggling stars and NXT prospects (who often need someone to lean on when they get called up), it would be wise to reuse a successful formula that WWE has gone to for years.

The Wyatt Family and The Shield emerged as groups, easing the members' transition to the main roster and showcasing all six men. Before that, Batista and Randy Orton saw their stock rise as members of Evolution. The Nation of Domination, The Hart Foundation and D-Generation X boosted their alumni as well.

The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Adrian Neville could use a trip down a similar path.

The Shield has been reduced to a duo. Who knows how long the Batista-less version of Evolution will last.

WWE has a healthy supply of options when replacing those squads. The little-used, underused, unpolished and disgruntled all need a home.

A Collection of the Discontented

Potential Members:

  • The Miz
  • Damien Sandow
  • Zack Ryder
  • Dolph Ziggler

Drawing from real-life frustrations, these four men can demand more opportunities, buck against The Authority and come together as a group to take the cheaters and swindlers who are succeeding more than them.

WWE teased at this possibility when Ziggler ranted in an backstage interview about people telling him what he can't do, and The Miz began to interrupt matches to complain about not being on Raw.

Forming a faction of the frustrated was something WWE was reportedly considering, per F4WOnline, via Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc. It didn't come to fruition and The Miz, Ryder and Ziggler have done little since.

Ryder has rarely appeared on the major shows, and short of being fodder in a Battle Royal, he has no shot of making a pay-per-view these days. Having him sit on the bench so often is a waste of his athleticism and the spark he creates with the audience.

WWE may not believe that he's good enough to be a top star on his own, but he'd make a fine addition to this group. That's the beauty of stables. Without The Nation of Domination, who knows if D-Lo Brown would have gotten any traction at all.

In his Last ReZort YouTube videos, Ryder has already shown that he can shine when speaking on feeling slighted by the company.

Allow him, Ziggler, Miz and Sandow to tap into that feeling, and compelling TV is guaranteed. It would be a far better use of Sandow's mic skills than having him become D-Sizzle.

Having these four men all share mic time will lead to consistently great promos. The foursome also allows for several different combinations for tag team matches, giving WWE flexibility.

Forming this group better uses available talent, and if Ziggler emerges as the leader and continues to grow as a talker, it can help him return to world-title contention.

A Foreign Legion

Potential Members:

  • Adrian Neville
  • Bad News Barrett
  • Prince Devitt
  • Paige

Neville is fantastic in the ring. He continues to show that at NXT, delivering great matches against a variety of opponents, from Bo Dallas to Tyson Kidd.

The NXT champ's limitations lie in his lack of magnetism. He's not especially charismatic on the mic, although he's very likable. His current gimmick focuses on him being from a small mining town (though he's actually from Newcastle) and the fact that he doesn't look like a typical WWE star.

That's a good starting point, but one has to wonder if he can stretch that into something worthy of a top spot on the main roster.

Putting him in a stable allows others to speak for him while he develops his voice. Even if he doesn't become a great talker, the excitement his acrobatic in-ring style brings makes him a valuable addition to a team. 

Let Barrett carry him initially. 

WWE's official bearer of bad news thrived as the leader of Nexus. Returning him to a similar role is smart. This can lead to big-time feuds against the leaders of other groups, just as it did for Triple H as DX's lead man and Bret Hart as the frontman for The Hart Foundation.

His star power and presence would also help WWE to bring up and introduce other Europeans.

Devitt is rumored to be on his way to NXT this summer per the Wrestling Observer Newslettervia Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc. Should he begin working for WWE, a stable is a good option for showcasing him early on.

Fans of indy wrestling will be drooling when the Spider-Man-like wrestler debuts, but more casual fans will need time to grow to appreciate him. Inserting him into this band of foreigners allows WWE to do that.

Devitt and Neville tag-teaming together would lead to sensational in-ring action.

Bringing the butt-kicking Paige into the mix adds depth to the group and allows its storylines to bleed over into the Divas division. Barrett can act as her mentor, saying how he sees much of himself in her.

Nation of Domination 2.0

Potential Members:

  • Big E
  • Kofi Kingston
  • R-Truth
  • Xavier Woods
  • Mark Henry

WWE doesn't have to call it The Nation of Domination, but it's smart to consider reprising the African-American group from the Attitude Era. 

Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline, via PWMania.com, reported that there may have been some backstage discussion about this very idea, but we have yet to see anything come of it. There is already a connection between R-Truth and Woods, as the duo have been allies over the last few months.

Woods hasn't been able to get going since being called up. He would benefit the most from this alliance, as it would afford him chances to battle WWE's other stables alongside bigger names.

Kingston has been in need of a character shift for a long time. He's still as electric as ever in the ring, but it may take something drastic to get him noticed on a more consistent basis.

Reforming The Nation of Domination helps Henry as well.

"The World's Strongest Man" has been in and out of the spotlight lately. Inserting him into a storyline where WWE's African-Americans unite gives him renewed momentum. He can serve as mentor while younger guys like Woods and Big E do more of the physical work.

Big E and Mark Henry, future stablemates?
Big E and Mark Henry, future stablemates?Credit: WWE.com

Of course, Henry was part of that group years ago. His world-title pedigree makes this version feel more significant and less like a new 3MB.

Should WWE make this stable come off as a collection of cool babyfaces, it becomes a way to attract the young African-American demographic. It's also an excuse to bring in Ron Simmons for some guest appearances.

The new Nation of Domination is one of several options WWE has before it, a potential route to relevance for Woods and way to revitalize Kingston and Henry. Whether WWE groups its underused Superstars by race, nationality or a shared feeling of being slighted, compiling a new stable or two has benefits aplenty. 


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