WWE SmackDown: Spoiler-Free Preview for June 6

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 5, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

With his former comrades still burning from the flames of betrayal, Seth Rollins enters the June 6 edition of WWE SmackDown no longer a member of The Shield.

Bray Wyatt will join him in the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, returning from the would-be tomb that John Cena created for him at Payback. WWE now begins to craft the Money in the Bank card with Wyatt, Rollins and a host of other Superstars in search of the spotlight.

WWE already taped all the in-ring action and post-match shenanigans, but the show won't air on Syfy until Friday night.

Those who have avoided the temptation of reading the results beforehand will be treated to a spoiler-free experience highlighted by a Triple Threat match, Bo Dallas looking to remain undefeated and Wyatt's return.

The following is look at all the matches lined up for the show, with the winners left out of the discussion.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins' first match since turning his back on The Shield sees him face a man in major need of wins. Ziggler's last bout, a Money in the Bank qualification match against Alberto Del Rio, ended in defeat.

That's been a pattern for him lately. Taking on Rollins isn't exactly the best cure for a losing streak, though.

Rollins is armed with the momentum of breaking away from Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, but could also have both Triple H and Randy Orton at his side. Fans will be curious to see if he's now an official member of Evolution or just an ally of what's left of that group.

Either way, the amount of agility and energy that will be in the ring when Rollins and Ziggler meet make this a match dripping with potential.

The Usos vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

The Usos have lost a glut of momentum as of late, or more accurately, The Wyatt Family has ripped it from them. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan continue to leave the tag team champs flat on their backs, as they did on Monday's Raw.

A non-title match against a team they have handled before may be how The Usos restore their mojo.

Axel and Ryback, though, can boast that they were the duo that broke up Cody Rhodes and Goldust. It was a loss to RyBaxel that inspired Rhodes to tell his brother that he deserves a better tag partner.

There's little chance that these two heels break up a team of identical twins, but they can certainly get themselves into title contention with a win on SmackDown.

Rusev vs. Xavier Woods

Woods knows Rusev better than anyone, having now faced him several times on NXT and on the main roster. That familiarity, however, is the only thing going for him as he enters another battle with the powerhouse.

He is outsized and outmatched against a man who has yet to lose a singles match in WWE.

Rusev prepares to crush Xavier Woods.
Rusev prepares to crush Xavier Woods.Credit: WWE.com

The chances of an upset are minimal. The more interesting element will be seeing what direction WWE goes with Rusev. The match may provide hints as to whether he's in a full-fledged feud with Big E or if "The Bulgarian Brute" is moving on.

Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro vs. Bad News Barrett

A feud over the Intercontinental Championship has added a third party. Barrett and Van Dam have been colliding frequently in recent weeks. "The King of Swing" apparently wanted in on the action.

Cesaro attacked Barrett on Tuesday's Main Event. an act that ruined Van Dam's second chance at the IC title. 

Van Dam now gets a shot to pay Cesaro back. He'll have to fight Barrett for a spot in that line.

Paul Heyman's facial expressions will only add to what promises to be an exciting bout. WWE may be setting up a heel-versus-heel rivalry with Cesaro and Barrett or simply using this as another means to further elevate Cesaro.

Alicia Fox vs. Natalya

More intriguing than the Divas division's best mat wrestler going to work is what Fox will do after the match. She has recently taken to wild antics after a match whether she wins or loses, be it stealing someone's hat, shouting at fans or throwing soda on herself.

Fox lost out in her title match against Paige at Payback. A win here signals a possible return to the No. 1 contender's spot. 

That's a position Natalya will be seeking as well.

She would make an exciting option as Paige's next foe, likely leading "The Anti-Diva" to her best match since getting called up to the main roster. Natalya has spent much of the year making other women look good, be it Charlotte or Brie Bella.

Paige may be next.

Bo Dallas vs. Santino Marella

Put into an interesting matchup, Dallas will either continue his winning streak or suffer an upset from the company's resident underdog.

Dallas has already knocked off Sin Cara and Kofi Kingston. Santino is a step down, so WWE's version of Tim Tebow enters as the favorite despite his lack of experience. 

How this match plays out will show fans whether the company is planning to take Dallas' character in a more comic-relief direction or if Santino will just be a sympathetic victim before Dallas ascends to more high-profile foes.

Randy Orton vs. Big Show

The main event for Friday's SmackDown revisits a rivalry that saw these two clash at last year's Survivor Series.

We haven't seen much of Big Show lately. He's appeared sporadically since his short program with Brock Lesnar at the beginning of the year. As for Orton, Batista's return, as well as the reformation of Evolution and Rollins turning on The Shield have all overshadowed him as an individual.

Each wrestler now gets a chance to put himself back in the limelight.

Big Show chokeslams Randy Orton at Survivor Series.
Big Show chokeslams Randy Orton at Survivor Series.Credit: WWE.com

A win here would have one heading toward Money in the Bank with a far better chance of getting a significant spot on the card. Damien Sandow, a victim of Big Show's fist on Monday's Raw, has sufficient motivation to insert himself into this fray. Rollins and Triple H may be lurking around the ring as well.

Expect there to be intrigue regardless of how this unravels, capping off a SmackDown that looks to build on the stories that Raw began. 


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