Report: Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar Planned for SummerSlam

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 4, 2014


Could fans see Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar square off at this year's SummerSlam pay-per-view? One recent report claims this is indeed the current creative direction.

Dave Meltzer notes in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required) that WWE bookers have pencilled in Bryan vs. Lesnar for the world title at the Los Angeles show, although Bryan's current neck injury could obviously prove to be a significant problem in this plan:

We can confirm that the long-term plan for SummerSlam right now is Bryan vs. Lesnar for the title as one of the main events. So if/when Lesnar vs. Cesaro takes place as part of a Cesaro turn, it would be after that point. That can change if Bryan isn’t back for 6/29 and they move the title in another direction.

Lesnar, of course, has stayed off television ever since he ended The Undertaker's winning streak at WrestleMania XXX. This was smart on WWE's side: It's only worth bringing the former UFC champion back if you have a major program in mind for him that will draw big.

And Bryan vs. Lesnar is certainly that. It would be the ultimate David vs. Goliath match. Could the small, hard-working underdog Bryan overcome the behemoth and retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship? It's an intriguing storyline, one that could carry programming throughout the summer months.


Paul Heyman could play a significant role in the feud, as there is much he could contribute as Lesnar's mouthpiece.

Personally—assuming the bout does end up happening at SummerSlam—I think Lesnar would have to win in order to maintain his momentum from defeating The Undertaker. It probably wouldn’t help Lesnar much at all to lose clean to Bryan, especially if it's in their first pay-per-view outing.

(Bryan could win a rematch in the autumn and get his title back, though. That would be fine.)

WWE made a big sacrifice in allowing the former MMA fighter to end the streak, and the company can't just squander it by having him lose in his first match back.