WWE WTF: Stephanie McMahon, Bluetista and More

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Why was Batista the No. 1 trend on Twitter for his ring gear? What’s on the back of Stephanie McMahon’s dress? How expensive is Abdullah the Butcher’s blood?

Legendary wrestler Abdullah the Butcher must reportedly pay $2.3 million in damages to independent wrestler Devon Nicholson (per CBC News). Nicholson sued Abdullah for allegedly blading him without his consent during a match in 2007, which Nicholson claimed caused him to contract Hepatitis C.

In order to pay those damages, Abdullah must now draw more money than he ever drew in blood. That’s a lot of cash.

The Billion Dollar Princess Stephanie McMahon has enough cash to last her multiple lifetimes, but social media wasn’t buzzing about her money following her segment during Payback. A photo of her running away appeared to show a stain on the back of her dress, leading some to believe she had an accident. Others theorized it was shadows and lighting. Now that’s how you leak…a picture.

Pictures of Batista’s outfit at Payback have been compared to everything from Smurfs to Mega Man by fans with nothing better to do than hate-Tweet the former Evolution member. Sting, Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior wouldn’t have lasted a second in the "Social Media era" of wrestling.

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