Debate: Grade the Kaepernick Extension

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Debate: Grade the Kaepernick Extension
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Colin Kaepernick has reportedly agreed to a 6-year extension with the 49ers worth over $100M.  How would you grade the deal?


Agree with someone's comment? Vote for it to make the Debate Highlights section. Disagree with a comment? Reply and voice your opinion. Happy Debating!

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He's only played one full season, and yet he has won 4 playoff games, played in two NFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl, and has shown that he can...
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Iupati will get $9-10 million a year in free agency, the 49ers won't and shouldn't pay that. He can be replaced. Kaepernick cannot. Simple as that.
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Yeah, because Romo, Ryan, Newton, Palmer, Flacco, CUtler, Dalton, Campbell, Manning, Manning, Stafford, Rodgers, Schaub, Henne, Tannehill, Cassel, etc...
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You mean a wild throwing, poor decisionmaking QB that came 1 pass from winning the Superbowl in his first appearance, and 1 pass from winning the NFC ...
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Lol y'all so called fans that are trashing this before the season even starts are ridiculous. Let's see if he can live up to his potential. If y'all p...
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Thanks for the laugh. You do know Kap has more playoff victories than Ryan and Romo combined right?
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