Who Is The Sports-World's Top Mascot??? Vote Now!!!

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Who Is The Sports-World's Top Mascot??? Vote Now!!!
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

They make us laugh, cheer and scream, and they are the unsung heroes of every collegiate and professional sports team.

They are the fluffy, cuddly, yet sometimes frightening, mascots that make us scream with delight at every possible turn.

Today I call upon you, the Bleacher Report community, to nominate your favorite professional mascot as the world's best!

Whether it be collegiate, professional or international, comment below as to why your favorite masked friend should be recognized as the world's best!

I will be accepting submissions until midnight on Sunday July 12th, 2009.

Upon conclusion, votes will be tabulated and the top mascots will be recognized for their irreplaceable contributions to the sports world.

Let your voices be heard!

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