Seth Rollins' Betrayal of The Shield Should Lead to Him Turning on Evolution

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistJune 4, 2014


The moment Seth Rollins turned his back on The Shield during the latter stages of Raw this past week provided wrestling fans with arguably the biggest swerve of 2014 so far.

After The Shield had picked up their second win against Evolution on pay-per-view in succession, Rollins' defection to Evolution came as a complete surprise, and was a great piece of writing from WWE.

With Rollins now very much a heeland in league with Triple H and Randy Ortonthe next move is to determine just why Rollins made the switch from such a successful stable.

His jealousy of Roman Reigns would be a decent angle, as would him simply being brainwashed by Triple H and being promised the world.

However, it would be fantastic to see a bolder move being made. If Rollins' defection turned out to be the mother of all double crosses, then WWE would have an enormous storyline on their hands.

To be honest, we have seen this happen already this yearbut the success of the move should leave the company open to the prospect of doing it again. When Daniel Bryan was seemingly brainwashed by Bray Wyatt and decided to join The Wyatt Family, it caught everyone by surprise.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and Bryan had turned his back on Bray in sensational fashion, leading to one of the biggest crowd reactions in recent memory. It was a great double swerve, and it caught everyone by surprise on a couple of occasions.

Could the grand plan be for Rollins to sink Evolution from within, and finally cement The Shield as the hottest stable in WWE? With Triple H and Orton refusing to go away despite successive defeats, perhaps The Shield have resorted to drastic measures to ensure they bury Evolution.

If Rollins was to turn on the group a couple of monthsor even weeksdown the line, it would create an absolutely colossal moment in terms of fan reaction. That would surely spell the end of Evolution, and it would push The Shield up to the very top end of the company.

Admittedly, the split between The Shield had to happen at some point. But the fact that it is happened whilst the trio were riding a huge wave of popularity seems particularly strange, and it would be fantastic if the group were planning a massive swerve to cement their popularity.

The split doesn't really seem to have happened at the correct time, and that is why it is important WWE choose their next move carefully when it comes to Seth Rollins. If he turned out to be a traitor all along when it comes to Evolution, it would round off this unbelievable rivalry in fantastic fashion.

Feuds like these are all about huge swerves to keep people on their toes, and having Rollins provide the swerve once again by turning on Evolution would be absolutely incredible.