Michelle McCool Makes History at The Bash....Again

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 28, 2009

Tonight at WWE's The Bash, Michelle McCool defeated Melina to not only capture the Women's Championship, but has also made history as the first ever Diva to be both Diva's Champion and Women's Champion. At last year's Bash, Michelle became the first ever Diva's Champion.

The match itself was solid, a much better match than we've gotten from the Divas in quite some time. Melina did her best to use every bit of her body as a weapon while Michelle did her best to slow Melina down with power moves and focusing on her legs. Alicia Fox, who was at ringside did interfere in the match by putting Michelle's foot on the ropes when she was about to lose. I will say my only quip about it was I did get a feeling of "deja-vu ala" the Royal Rumble from this year, as a few of those spots done to Melina were done in a similar fashion by Beth Phoenix in that match.

History was made, and seemingly, not only did the live crowd not care, but so do alot of people on the internet. Here's my thinking why:

First, let me say I will not say it was because of her supposed relationship with The Undertaker. I say supposed because it hasn't been confirmed from either her lips or his. But rather, it's the idea of the relationship itself that will always keep Michelle from getting any kind of legitimate respect when it comes to being put over.

We women have it hard enough in general about getting respect, and when people even get the hint that there's a relationship with someone with a lot of power to get things done, the journey to the top becomes a mountain that can't be climbed, and people will always question if the success achieved was truly earned.

Secondly, I will say that this feud hasn't been interesting at all. Rather, especially in the past few weeks, it's been one-sided. Melina went from having a great debut on SD in a tag match, where she pinned McCool, to never getting the upper hand again when McCool became the official number one contender. 

Melina came to SD with a whole lot of momentum and in the past few weeks it's been dwindling, and now with the loss is seemingly gone, although both are similar in being better as title chasers. Frankly, the feud hasn't had intensity, fire, a spark. Although the two of them have it in the ring, the feud itself has been lackluster. The Mickie v. Maryse feud has been anything but.

Third, the question is: What's next?" The same could be said about if Melina retained, but there's a difference between an over face remaining champion and a heel who gets no reaction of any kind being champion. Gail Kim as been completely pushed to the side over the past few months, Maria is now basically a referee, and Eve Torres is seemingly too green to be championship material. Of course, Melina will be trying to get the belt back, but who will be next after McCool? Alicia has Eve's problem and Layla plain and simply doesn't wrestle enough to really know if she can handle a feud.

Fourth, I will call it the, "Mickie factor". Alot of people expected and wanted Mickie James ot be the Diva to make history. She's the most over Diva period and is seemingly, just for being the Diva MVP and pretty much carrying the division on her shoulders, the one everyone thought to be the most deserving to do anything historic.

All in all Melina and Michelle did their best and managed to put on a solid match. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens next.