Big Ten Football: Power Ranking the Conference's 5 Most Intense Fanbases

Sean Frye@Sean_E_FryeFeatured ColumnistJune 4, 2014

Big Ten Football: Power Ranking the Conference's 5 Most Intense Fanbases

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    With the Big Ten being the toast of the Midwest for college football, it's only natural that some of the sport's most intense fanbases reside in the conference. 

    It's no secret that fans love to pile into The Big House at Michigan, Happy Valley at Penn State and the Horseshoe at Ohio State. 

    But those are just three of the conference's 12 teams that all feature unique followings. For now, let's take a look at the five most intense fanbases in the Big Ten. 

5. Michigan State

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    The reigning Big Ten champions, the Michigan State Spartans are slowly but surely laying claim to the title of best team in the state, a spot usually reserved for the Wolverines. 

    Spartan Stadium holds 75,005 fans and routinely sells out its games. 

    The Spartan Walk and pregame introductions that feature clips from the famed movie 300 are just among a few of the traditions at MSU. 

    With the Spartans' recent success, their fanbase is becoming more and more rabid, landing them a spot on this list. 

4. Wisconsin

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    Camp Randall Stadium has always secretly been one of the hardest places to play in the nation. 

    Its marquee tradition is "Jump Around," when the famed song comes onto the loudspeakers and the fans go rabid in the stands. Just watching it on YouTube can make any college football fan anxious for the start of the season. 

    Seeing all the red in the stands is also one of the biggest intimidation factors in the entire conference. 

    Wisconsin has some of the best fans in the country, landing them at the No. 4 spot on this list. 

3. Ohio State

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    Make no mistake. 

    The pride of college football in Ohio resides in Columbus, and it's not even really close. 

    The Horseshoe, which routinely piles in six-digit attendance figures to Buckeyes games, is home to one of the best fanbases in all of sports. It's almost unfair that they only come in third on this list, but that's price of playing in the Big Ten. 

    The pregame chant of "O-H-I-O" can be heard for miles on fall Saturdays, and seemingly every Buckeyes fan leaves with a hoarse voice after games. 

2. Penn State

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    What makes the fanbase in State College special?

    Despite crippling sanctions following one of the most horrific tragedies in sports history, this community has still shown its undying support for the Nittany Lions, providing a strong beacon of hope for the future of the program. 

    Penn State routinely has among the highest attendance for spring games and overall attendance during the season. They are some of the rowdiest fans in the country, too. 

    Seeing Happy Valley whited out on Saturdays is a must-see for any true football fan, as Penn State checks in at No. 2 on this list. 

1. Michigan

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    Fifteen times, over 110,000 fans have stormed The Big House for Michigan Wolverines games, making their fanbase the most intense in the country. 

    Just seeing all that blue and yellow on game days is overwhelming. Last season, the Wolverines set the attendance record for all of college football with 115,109 fans coming to see their team face off against Notre Dame. 

    It's no secret that Michigan has arguably the best fanbase not just in the Big Ten, but in all of college football. Its recent struggles on the field may have dampened their spirits a bit, but not enough to dethrone them as the top fanbase in the conference.