Last-Minute WWE Bash 2009 Predictions

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Last-Minute WWE Bash 2009 Predictions
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The Bash 2009

WWE cleans up the remnants of one of WCW’s most historical annual events, The Great American Bash, as they rename the event to “The Bash.” Here are my last-minute prediction’s for tonight’s end and beginning of eras.

The matches:
World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy
WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Triple H
ECW Championship Scramble Match
Women’s Champion Melina vs. Michelle McCool
Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
The Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler
John Cena vs. The Miz
Unified Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

CM Punk will retain his title tonight.  After working yet another supposedly great match with John Morrison on Smackdown, I think (and hope) that a feud with Morrison will be around the corner.  Punk has only had the World Heavyweight Championship since Extreme Rules, so there is no reason for him to drop it tonight.

Orton also has only held his WWE Championship for about the same length of time as Punk’s World Heavyweight title reign, and unfortunately the sleep-inducing, mind-numbing feud with Triple H will continue until SummerSlam. 

This should have ended at WrestleMania, but unfortunately fans are subjected to even more Orton/Triple H matches, and the torture will continue through tonights Three Stages of Hell match.  Unfortunately, the hell is for the fans, not the competitors.

Orton will retain and Triple H will regain the title at SummerSlam, most likely in a Hell in a Cell match.  There isn’t much else they can do that hasn’t already been given away on free live TV, aside from an inferno match or a straight-out literal fight to the death, and we can safely assume that that neither will happen.

The ECW Scramble match is pretty intriguing and it would honestly be pretty nice to see Finlay get a chance to take the ball and run with it as the top guy on a brand.  At this stage in his career though, I don’t think that will happen.

I really think Swagger will win this one, but I will go with what I want to see.  No one on the corner will have Swagger like Finlay as he wins the ECW title tonight.

The Women’s Championship match will be M.I.A.-lyric-free but will feature two women who are equally entertaining in their own profession:  WWE Women’s champ Melina defends vs. Michelle McCool. 

I haven’t been following the Women’s division too closely, but if memory serves me correct, Melina has held her belt for a while.  I think McCool will snag herself a Women’s title reign to offset the retaining of the two World Championships later in the program.

In what I already can predict will be the match of the night, Rey Mysterio will keep his mask and earn a win against Chris Jericho.

He will not earn a second Intercontinental Championship reign, however, as his win will come by disqualification, count-out, or any other result that will not switch the title over to Rey’s grasp.

It’s too soon for Mysterio to regain the title, and losing his mask would be a terrible merchandising move.  Much like that tacky spinner belt around Randy Orton’s waist, Rey’s mask is a cash-cow in the merchandising department.

If Great Khali pins Dolph Ziggler but the entire world is taking a bathroom break or beer run, does does the bell make a sound?  We’ll never know.

John Cena will gain a DQ win over the Miz.  The Miz is a red-hot heel right now and while a 1-2-3 wouldn’t hurt his career that much, I just don’t see it happening tonight.

If Cena pins Miz, I’m still saying I called it, however.  I can’t in any way see the Miz earning a win, unfortunately.  The question here is how much Miz will be protected, since he is a major prospect.

The Colons will hopefully retain their Unified Tag Team Championship tonight against the tag-team-formerly-known-as “Priceless.”  Carlito seems to finally be in his element and is having a good run as “the” tag-team in the WWE alongside his brother Pimo.  And that’s cool.


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