How Bad News Barrett Will Benefit from a Feud with Cesaro

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistJune 4, 2014


It seems that as of late, all of the news that current WWE Intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett has been hearing has been the opposite of what you would expect from a man with that name.

Since winning the title from Big E at Extreme Rules a month ago, Barrett has laid waste to every superstar in his path with little regard for the intense popularity that he seems to be building.

Remember, it was not too long ago that Barrett was the leader of the Nexus and possibly the most hated man in WWE.

However, since that time, he seems to have fallen off track, with several very short bursts of greatness peeking through to give the WWE Universe a hint of what he was capable of.

Enter the Bad News Barrett character. What started out as a silly gimmick on The JBL and Cole Show turned into a bonafide persona, one that, albeit somewhat annoying, has caught on with fans.

However, a major obstacle now seems to be entering his path, as his tag team match with partner Cesaro on Monday's Raw ended with the Swiss superstar leaving the champion high and dry against the dangerous duo of Rob Van Dam and United States champion Sheamus.

And now, a showdown seems imminent between these two European superstars.

In Cesaro, Barrett seems to have found a serious threat to his title, one who has many advantages over the brawler from Preston, England.

First of all, any man who is having his career guided by Paul Heyman is an automatic threat to any title he sets his sights on, so that gives Cesaro an immediate advantage right out of the gate.

Heyman is arguably the best manager in professional wrestling at the moment, adding a certain intangible to any match that he is a part of.

And it doesn't matter if Heyman is whispering some shrewd advice in a client's ear or masterminding a devious plot against an opponent; he must be accounted for at all times. Sometimes, it is something as simple as frantically screaming for his client to get up, but Heyman is always an ace in the hole for his clients.

Second, Cesaro's mat wrestling ability is perhaps the best in the company, and his technical style meshes incredibly well with his occasional power moves and innovative offense. And while Barrett might be one of the toughest competitors in the company, can he continually absorb the constant offensive barrages that the King of Swing consistently puts together?

But the most important thing about facing Cesaro, and the one that will ultimately benefit Barrett, is that Cesaro seems to bring out the best in the people he faces. He paces his matches well and is very good at making others look good.

And while the champion is not exactly a phenomenal ring general, he is better than average and will benefit from Cesaro's abilities.

In addition, both superstars, despite the fact that they are technically playing villainous characters, enjoy a great deal of popularity with the WWE Universe.

Seeing two popular superstars doing battle is always a cause for excitement, and the added intrigue of bad guy versus bad guy is also an interesting twist. Rarely do wrestling fans really get to see matches that are contested between two competitors of a similar ilk, so the prospect of this potential feud could do wonders for both men.

And even though Cesaro has never won the Intercontinental title before, as a former United States champion, he has tasted championship glory before and is eager to do so again.

In any event, Bad News Barrett, for all of his negativity, seems to have had quite a bit going for him recently. But if Cesaro and his scheming manager have anything to do with it, the Intercontinental title could soon be around the waist of the newest Paul Heyman guy.

And that would be bad news, indeed.