UFC Releases Slow-Motion Video Highlights from UFC 173

Hunter HomistekCorrespondent IJune 3, 2014

UFC 173 hosted TJ Dillashaw's shocking upset over Renan Barao to steal the UFC bantamweight title, and now fans can relive the night's action in glorious slow motion. 

The UFC released video highlights from the event today via UFC.com, showing off the brutality of the night's action with breathtaking detail and power. 

Notable clips from the footage include Daniel Cormier's huge slam of Dan Henderson in the night's co-main event (was Cormier smiling as he dumped Hendo on his head?) and Dillashaw's monstrous punch in Round 1 that flattened his Brazilian foe and set the tone for the remainder of the fight. 

After watching the punches, kicks and slams the first time around, watch the video a second time and just look out for fun crowd reactions. During Cormier's slam in particular, you will see some spectators react in a hilarious fit of shock and disbelief. 

Of course, UFC 173's most notable activity came in the night's main event, when Dillashaw toppled the seemingly untouchable Barao in emphatic fashion. 

Throughout the fight, Dillashaw landed 140 significant strikes to Barao's 64, a feat which no man has even come close to accomplishing against the former champ inside the UFC Octagon. In the slow-motion highlights, you can see Dillashaw's impeccable timing and accuracy, demolishing Barao's face and snapping his neck with every landed blow. 

For Dillashaw, this fight marked a coming-out party of sorts. He was always a top-level 135-pound combatant, but now he's made the leap into the truly elite, proving that the best is yet to come for the Team Alpha Male product. 

Enjoy the highlights and soak in Dillashaw's brilliance. There's no telling how long he'll rule the bantamweight roost, and we might take his talents for granted if he shows up as he did against Barao on a regular basis.