The Shield Shouldn't Be Splitting Up Any Time Soon

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 3, 2014


OK, so Seth Rollins—in one of the most shocking wrestling moments of the year—turned on teammates Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, seemingly joining Triple H and Randy Orton in Evolution. (The heel stable helpfully had an opening after Dave Batista walked out in the opening segment of the show.)

So, after almost two years, The Shield is apparently done in its original incarnation. But does this really need to be the end? Of course not.

First of all, fans need to allow this Rollins angle to play out fully. Is it possible that this is all, in fact, an elaborate ruse engineered by Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns to break up Evolution from the inside?

Maybe Triple H approached Rollins backstage about joining Evolution—and the former Ring of Honor wrestler went straight to his teammates to inform them of the offer. Perhaps the three then cooked up a scheme in which Rollins pretended to play along with Triple H’s schemes, only to turn on him and re-join Ambrose and Reigns on the next pay-per-view.


It would be quite the twist, wouldn’t it? Granted, it has a couple of Vince Russo-sized plot holes—you would have to explain why Ambrose and Reigns were willing to let themselves get clobbered by a chair so viciously so many times—but it would still be an interesting direction to go.

But even if Rollins is true gone, wrestling history has taught us that this doesn’t need to be the end of The Shield.

Look at how many spin-offs famous WCW stable New World Order had. We had the original NWO, NWO: Hollywood, NWO: Wolfpac, NWO: Elite, NWO: 2000 and, finally, the Latino World Order.


DX went through various incarnations too. As did The Four Horsemen (remember in 1993 when they were The Three Horsemen for a while?).

Why can’t Reigns and Ambrose simply recruit someone else in their fight against Evolution?

Maybe it could be an established member of the roster—Big E isn’t doing a huge amount right now, is he? And he would be well-suited to the bodyguard role.

Or they could bring up someone from NXT (Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns came from NXT, so it makes sense).


How about current NXT champion Adrian Neville? Sami Zayn—who became famous on the U.S. indies under the ‘El Generico’ gimmick—could also be a possibility. Both men have the skill, talent and credibility to be members.

As well as keeping The Shield together, this would serve as a great platform to get one of these newcomers over.

While things may look bleak for The Shield’s future following the end of Monday’s Raw, I wouldn’t rule out the stable continuing in some form or other. Honestly, the act is simply too entertaining—and over with the fans—for WWE just to drop it entirely.