Derek Jeter's Mental Lapse Allows Mariners' Kyle Seager to Cruise to a Triple

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJune 3, 2014

For all of the brilliant plays Derek Jeter has made throughout his 20-year career, the New York Yankees shortstop is occasionally allowed to make a simple gaffe during a regular-season game.

During Monday's game against the Seattle Mariners, Jeter assumed a ball hit by Kyle Seager had landed in foul territory as left fielder Brett Gardner was unable to make the play.

Jeter scooped up the ball and continued to run away from the infield, not knowing that it was, in fact, a live ball. That allowed Seager to cruise into third for his second triple in three innings:

Seager wound up scoring a couple of batters later to give his team a 2-0 lead.

It was a game to remember for Seager. The Mariners third baseman recorded four hitsa double, two triples and a home run—as he came just a single away from hitting for the cycle.