Wembley Stadium Switch from England to Froch vs. Groves 2 in 24-Hour Time-Lapse

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterJune 3, 2014


Wembley Stadium hosted England vs. Peru on Friday, May 30, then the next night it was the setting for Carl Froch's rematch with George Groves.

The FA have released a video to show just how the stadium changed to be ready for the two different sports.

The time-lapse film sees the stadium fill up for the England game. Then, as soon as the crowd disperses, the preparations begin to ready Wembley for boxing. The hard work continues through the night—you can see dawn break over the stadium.

There were just 18 hours between the two events to overhaul the stadium, but the results were two full houses in two nights. 

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