WWE Money in the Bank 2014: Most Intriguing Storylines to Track on Road to PPV

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WWE Money in the Bank 2014: Most Intriguing Storylines to Track on Road to PPV

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    With WWE Payback officially in the books, it's now time to look at what's in store for Money in the Bank.

    Payback featured a lot of great action but very few surprising outcomes to the matches. The biggest thing to like about the second annual Payback event was the actual wrestling.

    Bray Wyatt and John Cena had a brutal Last Man Standing Match, and The Shield defeated Evolution in a very violent No Holds Barred Elimination Match.

    The next night on Raw is where the surprises happened. Not only did Batista quit WWE (again), but we saw Seth Rollins turn on his brethren and leave Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose lying in the ring after a series of chair shots.

    WWE has a lot of different storylines to address at Money in the Bank. This slideshow will look at the programs that will likely fill up the card and what the future has in store for the Superstars involved.

The Shield and Seth Rollins

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    The Shield defeated Evolution at Payback in a decisive clean sweep, but the following night on Raw saw Seth Rollins turn on his team and join up with Triple H, creating a whole new storyline in the process.

    Triple H made it clear earlier in the night that he never loses and always has a backup plan. Batista quit on him, but he still had something up his sleeve.

    Rollins attacking Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose was one of the most shocking and unexpected things we have seen in quite some time, and it started a whole new program which will likely see Reigns and Ambrose take on Rollins and Randy Orton at Money in the Bank.

    If Triple H decides to get in the ring, we may see a new member of The Shield emerge. Plenty of Superstars in both NXT and the main roster would benefit greatly from the push that would come from being part of The Shield.

    This story is going to be one of WWE's top priorities in the coming month, and seeing where it goes is going to be very entertaining. Now, the question remains as to whether Reigns and Ambrose will stay together past MITB or if they will go their separate ways and completely dissolve The Shield.

Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon

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    Daniel Bryan was ordered to hand over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by Stephanie McMahon or Brie Bella would be fired. Bryan's wife decided to take the power out of Stephanie's hands and quit before slapping her across the face.

    While Brie's actions were somewhat predictable, we now have a whole new storyline with a somewhat unpredictable outcome.

    Now, Nikki Bella is in Stephanie's crosshairs, and if Bryan cannot return by Money in the Bank, the ladder match at the event will be for the title instead of the briefcase that usually hangs above the ring.

    There are several layers to this storyline. Brie is going to be trying to get her job back at some point, Nikki will be taking the brunt of Stephanie's anger, Bryan may or may not lose the title depending on his condition, and Kane is also in the mix doing Stephanie's bidding.

    This storyline has several possible outcomes, but the only ones that will make WWE fans happy at this point are either Bryan holding the title when it's all said and done or a deserving candidate claiming the title at MITB. Now, we just have to play the waiting game.

The Wyatts and the Usos

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    The Usos were a big factor in evening the odds for John Cena at Payback, and it now looks like they are firmly in a feud with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

    Harper and Rowan scored a victory over The Usos on Monday night, and typically, when you beat a champion, it means WWE is putting you in line for a future title shot.

    The Usos have been good tag champs thus far, delivering several great matches with different opponents, but it seems more likely at this point that Harper and Rowan will come away from this with the titles if they do have a title match.

    The Wyatt Family doesn't need the Tag Team Championship to legitimize itself, but it might help put Harper and Rowan more in focus. Bray Wyatt is always at the forefront of everything going on with The Wyatt Family. This could be Harper and Rowan's chance to finally get their own spotlight.

    Whether WWE waits until Money in the Bank to put these four men in a title match is the real question here. They may end up having The Wyatts win the titles before the PPV and then have The Usos get their rematch at MITB before ending the feud.

    Either way, we know these four men leave it all in the ring whenever they face each other, so we will get some good matches out of this program.

Money in the Bank Match

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    The match that the next PPV is based around is the annual Money in the Bank match, but this year's edition could see a twist to the usual situation.

    With the future of Daniel Bryan's title reign being unknown at this time, we could end up seeing the ladder match be for the title and not a title shot inside a briefcase.

    We already know that Alberto Del Rio will be in the match, but the other participants have not been decided yet. WWE will hold several matches in the coming weeks to determine exactly who will be fighting at MITB, and right now, there seems to be a heavy indication that Cesaro will be one of the favorites to win.

    Dolph Ziggler lost his chance to get into the match on Monday, but if WWE was smart, it would find a way to get him into the match anyway.

    WWE currently has a lot of new stars like Bo Dallas and Adam Rose who could benefit greatly from the exposure they would get from being in a match that is guaranteed to provide plenty of excitement.

    The main problem WWE faces is deciding who would win the title if Bryan cannot compete.

Rusev the Russian Hero

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    Rusev has been struggling a bit to get over since his debut, but WWE seems to have the intention of making him the next great foreign heel.

    Rusev defeated Big E at Payback, and the following night on Raw, he was presented with a fake award from the Russian Federation. Usually, those kinds of ceremonies get interrupted to give a babyface a pop, but WWE let this segment go the distance to generate as much heat as possible.

    Lana has been using Vladimir Putin and Edward Snowden in her intros to generate an additional level of heat with U.S. fans, and it seems to be working pretty well so far. But just being from Russia is not enough.

    Rusev has a unique set of skills that he brings to the ring, but he hasn't had a long enough match to really test what he can bring to the table in the long run.

    MITB is going to be a defining moment for Rusev, depending on if WWE puts him in the ladder match or his own singles match. It's too soon in his run for him to win the briefcase, so a singles match is definitely his best chance to prove himself.

    Money in the Bank has typically been a PPV with strong performances, and this year's event is shaping up to turn out the same way. With everything WWE has going on in its various storylines, there is plenty to look forward to at this year's event.

    Let's just hope that WWE has a good backup plan in case Bryan is not able to return in time to face Kane.

    What storylines are you most anxious to see addressed at Money in the Bank 2014?

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