Is It Just Me?: Roger Goodell Blows It with the Patriots

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Is It Just Me?: Roger Goodell Blows It with the Patriots

Icon Sports MediaIs it just me, or...

...has the NFL blown it with the Patriots?

The decision not to suspend Pats head coach Bill Belichick is a slap in the face to every NFL fan who watched Roger Goodell play bad cop with the league in the offseason.

Breaking off Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson was one thing—they were easy targets to sell to the public.

But not breaking off the Man in the Hoodie is a huge PR blunder.

Goodell could have cemented his reputation as the new sheriff in town—but instead he's come off as just another wishy-washy, favorite playing-commissioner. there a gross double standard about steroids in sports?

Barry Bonds has NEVER TESTED POSITIVE in his life, or even had any real evidence presented against him (I don't count books with unnamed sources).

And still he's treated like Saddam Hussein.

Shawne Merriman, on the other hand, comes up DIRTY FOR STEROIDS...and he's in almost as many ads as Peyton Manning.

Talk about playing favorites.

Can we all remember that Merriman got caught and that Bonds is still an INNOCENT MAN. Let's slam the cheaters no matter who they are or how much we like them. Eli Manning treated like a redheaded stepchild?

If you've seen the Direct TV ad with the Mannings and Matt Leinart, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Everyone in the commercial has a line. Heck, even the dog gets to bark and lick Leinart's face.

But not Eli—he just stands there looking hurt and confused

As for the injury—I find it funny that the same media guys who call Eli out as soft every chance they get are killing him for risking further damage by playing this weekend. They'd be all over him for not playing too, by the way. MLB waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Seems like there's a new steroid or HGH bust ever day. You have to wonder who's going to be next. The drama of watching that next name scroll across ESPNEWS is almost like looking to see if your bets covered (not that I gamble).

Am I the only one who's more excited by the revelations than the pennant races? And how screwed up is it that the media forgets about Gary Matthews Jr. and Troy Glaus almost instantly—but still keeps up the witch hunt with Bonds.

And then there's Jason Giambi. Forget about it, they say—he's sorry and free to pursue his World Series ring.

I never knew what dirty hypocrites the media were...until I joined their ranks.

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