LFL Player Puts Ray Lewis to Shame with Insane Pump-Up Speech

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 2, 2014

YouTube Screenshot

King Kong and Ray Lewis do not have anything on Danika Brace, a Legends Football League middle linebacker who delivered a mind-boiling inspirational speech to her teammates during halftime of a recent game. 

Joe Kinsey of Busted Coverage spotted video of the NSFW speech, which included everything from strategy to practical, throat-crushing advice.

Again, this video is not safe for work, unless your boss is the type who enjoys F-bomb festooned monologues.

Warning: Video contains NSFW language.

“This is our house,” Brace yells. “They’re trying to disrespect us. Now f***ing go out, turn it up and play for the g*****n Vegas Sin!”

Kinsey writes that Brace’s speech wasn’t the most polished locker room oration, but certainly got the message through.

“This wasn’t the smoothest Lingerie Football League locker room speech I’ve ever heard,” Kinsey writes. “But it was still on point and Danika Brace’s teammates didn’t realize she struggled at the end.”

Now, we at Bleacher Report don’t cosign the stepping on or strangulating of others, but there’s something to be said about Brace’s intensity. This is a lot of passion for someone who doesn’t see a nickel if the team wins or loses.

This video shows just the tip of Brace’s intensity. Her on-field trash-talking is just as crazy.

Warning: Video contains NSFW language. 

That’s Richard Sherman-level smack talk with a potty mouth slant.

Brace and the Sin will host the Chicago Bliss on Thursday, June 3. Based solely on this woman’s intensity, it’s hard to imagine her stomaching a loss to a team called “Bliss.”

I’m calling a rout in favor of the Sin, who will probably break all records for penalties while putting Chicago to the sword. 


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