Pick Your $15 All-Time College Basketball Team

Bobby ReaganFeatured ColumnistJune 2, 2014

AP/Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report recently posed a salary-cap question on picking the best teams for Kentucky and in general over the last five years. There have since been numerous requests to see an all-time college team. 

Well, your requests have been answered.

The idea is pretty simple. Design your best team by picking one player at each position and stay below the $15 salary cap. What you determine as the best team is up to your discretion; imagine you're the GM or coach and have the opportunity to sign five legends. Do you want a team made to score? Do you want a defensive-minded team?

The players on the list were selected due to individual achievements, whether that was National Player of the Year or being named to All-America teams. Team success also played a minor role if the player helped his team reach the Final Four or win multiple championships. Statistics obviously were a large portion of the ranking process, specific to position.

Sure, a player like Doug McDermott put up a ridiculous amount of points. But he was subpar on the defensive end, where Tim Duncan averaged 12 rebounds and almost four blocks a game during his career, so he gets the better ranking. 

The one thing you'll notice about the five $5 players is the fact that they all dominated the game when they were on the court. Whether it was scoring like Pete Maravich with his 44 points per game during his three years at LSU or all-around play like Lew Alcindor, who averaged over 26 points and 15 rebounds a game at UCLA, there's plenty of options.

The other top players at each position were no-brainers for similar reasons. Oscar Robertson at point guard was a first-team All-American all three seasons he was at Cincinnati and averaged over 33 points and 15 rebounds as a guard. 

Scouring the names of the great college basketball players over the years made it extremely tough to come up with this list. For instance, the center position is absolutely loaded, with names like Ralph Sampson not making the cut. There were also many options at shooting guard, where the argument was whether to put Michael Jordan at the $3 or $4 mark.

How about a team of Bob Cousy, David Thompson, Lionel Simmons, Tim Duncan and Bill Walton? Maybe a point guard in Cousy, who was a traditionalist because he looked to get others involved. Not to mention he has an award named after him for the best point guard in the nation. Couple him with Walton, who passed like a point guard from the center position, and there will be open shots for scorers Thompson and Simmons. 

There's no doubt someone will be unhappy that a certain player is missing or someone is ranked too low. After all, that is the fun of this exercise: to see what teams people come up with and who people think deserve to be on the list. 

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