WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for June 2

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 2, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

The electricity from Payback 2014 is sure to still be crackling during the June 2 edition of WWE Raw. 

Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis hosts the fallout from that pay-per-view. Some wrestlers remain focused on their current enemies, while others seek new battles. The Shield, John Cena and Daniel Bryan all enter the show after posting victories of different sorts at Payback.

A European-heavy tag match, an animal's last appearance and two brothers splitting apart promise to highlight the action.

With Money in the Bank set for the end of the month, count on new narratives to pop up. A combination of hints WWE has planted, backstage reports and James Wortman's five-point preview on WWE.com reveals some of the storylines and collisions to expect on Monday's Raw.

News, Potential Spoilers

Count the feuds centered around the midcard titles among the ones set to continue.

For one, Sheamus' win over Cesaro at Payback was fluky. Secondly, it looks as if those two will clash once morein a tag team match this time.

According to F4WOnline, via Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc., "Rob Van Dam and WWE United States Champion Sheamus vs. Cesaro and WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett is currently planned for tomorrow night's Raw."

Plans can change, of course, but this is a logical way to continue the tension between these rivals. Rather than simply repeating what fans saw at Payback, this route offers some variety.

The Evolution vs. The Shield feud, on the other hand, is likely closed. The Shield's impressive win at Payback made it 2-0 for "The Hounds of Justice" against a trio of former world champions. Besides, Batista is getting ready to depart.

PWInsider's Mike Johnson previously reported that Monday's Raw was Batista's "last appearance before he goes on hiatus to help promote Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'"

His last scheduled appearance could either feature him breaking away from Evolution or wanting one last shot at Seth Rollins, who eliminated him at the pay-per-view, or Roman Reigns, who speared him just before that pinfall.

There's a slight chance Reigns is suffering from an injury, though.

The powerhouse mentioned a triceps tear in the press conference following the show, via Johnson on PWinsider, but that could well have been a means to sell the brutality of the match. There has been no report that it is anything other than a kayfabe injury.

Fans holding out hope that Sting will make a surprise debut have less of a reason to think it will happen in the next few weeks. Sting is going to compete soonjust not for WWE.

"The Icon" is scheduled to wrestle at Pro Championship Wrestling's Dream Night 13 on Sat. June 21. If he was readying for a WWE appearance, the company wouldn't let him potentially get injured elsewhere.

Just as you were better off not pining for CM Punk to show up at Payback, the same is true for Sting on Monday's Raw.

New Chapters

John Cena bested Bray Wyatt in a Last Man Standing match. Fans now wait to see if a rivalry that began back at the Royal Rumble will stretch further into June or end with Cena's triumph at the pay-per-view.

The two enemies have already battled in a cage match and a brutal Last Man Standing bout. It's hard to escalate this feud any further, so the safe bet is that both men seek new foes.

Wortman's preview does offer some doubt about whether we've seen the end of this battle, but one sentence suggests that we have: "Cena has put the exclamation point on his months-long rivalry."

The Shield is likely in the market for new prey as well.

It's hard to get a more definitive win than the one the trio earned at Payback. No member of The Shield was eliminated. The final image of the show was Reigns stepping on a fallen Triple H. 

How Payback closed, The Shield towering over Triple H.
How Payback closed, The Shield towering over Triple H.Credit: WWE.com

Those all feel like signs that this battle is over. Batista's impending exit only adds to that.

Reigns is rumored to potentially face Triple H at SummerSlam, per The Wrestling Observer (h/t Nick Paglino of Wrestle Zone). There is more than a month before that show, which is ample time to head in that direction, but we may soon see the foreshadowing for that bout.

Another clash many fans have been expecting to happen is Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust.

After bursts of tension between the brothers, Rhodes told Goldust at Payback that he deserved a better tag team partner than him. Monday's Raw will reveal if that breakup will stick. WWE.com is already acting as if it will.

Wortman asks, "Might Goldust and Cody regain their luster as solo competitors?"

Eventually, they will be competing against each other. It's a match with too much intrigue and potential to pass up.

The Authority Epic Continues

Monday's Raw will feature the story that has gone on for nearly a year now—The Authority making Bryan's life hell.

It's clear that Bryan will continue to be a focus even while recovering from neck surgery. He appeared on Payback, keeping the WWE World Heavyweight Championship despite Stephanie McMahon threatening to fire Brie Bella.

Bryan appears in the WWE.com preview for Monday's Raw as well. Wortman writes, "What obstacles lie ahead for the leader of the 'Yes!' Movement?"

That's a clear sign to expect more Bryan vs. McMahon. Even though Brie quit, she's likely to be a significant part of the story as well. You don't slap McMahon in the face without facing grave consequences.

Will Kane be a part of those consequences?

He emerged from flames at Payback to crush Kofi Kingston. The announcers implied that it was punishment for Kingston speaking out against The Authority.

Expect more damage courtesy of "The Devil's Favorite Demon." As Wortman projects, "Should Kane re-emerge on Raw, disaster will soon follow."

Should he go after Bryan, the rumored Buried Alive match at Money in the Bank will start to take shape. Kane choosing other men to leave lying suggests that WWE is holding off on that violent meeting.


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