WWE Payback 2014 Results: Most Underrated Moments from Event

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJune 2, 2014

WWE Payback 2014 Results: Most Underrated Moments from Event

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    WWE Payback is in the can, and the dust is beginning to settle on a simply breathtaking pay-per-view.

    Although there weren't any title changes, there was plenty in the way of excitement to keep the crowd entertained throughout the majority of the show.

    There was the absolute classic Last Man Standing match between John Cena and Bray Wyatt, and although the result will not have pleased everyone, there were some outstanding segments throughout the encounter.

    We saw plenty of outstanding moments all across the board at Paybackhere are some of the ones that may have escaped the attention and gone under the radar.

Bo Dallas' Creepy Promos

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    Whilst Bray Wyatt has cemented himself as the most bizarrely intriguing star in the entire WWE, his brother seems to be attempting to catch him up.

    Bo Dallas is one perplexing guy, and it was interesting to see his peculiar start to life on the main roster continue at Payback.

    It may get forgotten given everything else that happened at the event, but Dallas' quirky promo after Kane dismantled Kofi Kingston seems to suggest there is a storyline of note brewing.

    Is Dallas working alongside The Authority? Or is he simply a guy that plays by his own rulesas bizarre as they are? 

The Meeting of Two Monsters

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    Another match that impressed was the collision between two absolute giantsBig E and Rusev.

    The match had come from nowhere, and felt like a little bit of a messy decision from WWE Creative. However, both men delivered a pretty decent showing.

    With all the action and drama going on elsewhere, this match could have easily been forgotten, but it turned out better than many expected.

    There was a brilliant spot in which Big E flung his 300-pound body through the ropes, spearing Rusev out on the mat.

    It sent the crowd crazyand although the match ended shortly after, it was a ridiculous spot. 

Cesaro's Incredible Strength

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    It may have come as a surprise to many when Cesaro and Sheamus opened the pay-per-view, but it was a fantastic way to kick off Payback.

    Cesaro may well have come up short in terms of the result, but he was the true star of that match.

    With his technical ability well noted, it is often forgotten that Cesaro is one of the strongest guys on the roster.

    We're beginning to see more and more superhuman feats of strength from the Swiss Superman, and Payback provided yet more magical moments of sheer power.

    The highlight had to be the suplex Cesaro nailed from the top ropedespite Sheamus either trying not to sell it or simply botching his body position.

    That made it all the more impressive, and it continues to confirm that Cesaro is a future main event star in the making. 

Bray Wyatt's Performance in Defeat

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    Don't get too absorbed by the fact John Cena won his Last Man Standing match at Paybackmany assumed he would get the better of Bray Wyatt. Sadly, they were right.

    Instead, let's focus on the fact that Bray Wyatt has developed to such a level that he is now a certified main event star.

    His entrance was incredible enoughthe crowd are often into Wyatt, but that reaction from the Chicago crowd was something on another level.

    What's more, his performancefrom the great wrestling segments right through to him standing on the steel steps and orchestrating the crowdwas simply majestic. The moment he threw himself through the timekeeper's area into Cena was amazing. It sent the crowd delirious.

    With this rivalry likely over following Payback, it will be interesting to see where the WWE go with Wyatt. 

The Tag Title Match That Should Have Been

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    In some ways, it was pretty disappointing that John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt was allowed to descend into complete and utter anarchy in the latter stages.

    However, what we did see was hopefully a future tag title match in the making, in and amongst all the madness of that match.

    Erick Rowan and Luke Harper have been the most credible challengers to The Usos for some time now, yet the WWE continue to persevere with them both as passengers in the Cena vs. Wyatt feud.

    Now that Payback is done, it's time to give the tag division the boost it needs. All hell broke loose as The Usos flung themselves through tables and over ropesand the crowd absolutely loved it.

    At Money in the Bank, The Usos have to put the belts on the line against Rowan and Harper. It almost stole the show at Payback.