Brazilian Girls Have Unhealthy Obsession with World Cup Idol Neymar

Mark Patterson@@MarkPattersonBRUK Staff WriterJune 2, 2014

Neymar has quite a lot of pressure on his shoulders as Brazil enter a home World Cup as favourites. What's more, he will have to cope with the love and adulation of two girls that might just be a little unhealthy.

Posters of the Brazilian on the wall is one thing, wall-to-wall art is another altogether—and that's before we start talking about the life-size cutout of the Brazilian in a cow suit.

Your guess is as good as ours.

According to 101 Great Goals, cameramen were allowed into 18-year-old Gabriella Lima's room to take a look around: 

The girls spoke to Ruptly about their love for Neymar:

Gabriella Lima: “Neymar makes us feel very happy because all his achievements are made as our own. We often help him to be liked through poll, and he reciprocates very well with his affection, he conquers our hearts.. My dream is to hug him and never let go.”

Lanny: “Mine is to have five minutes with him and talk about all I feel for him, but I think at the time I would not be able to say anything.”

The scenes are eerily reminiscent of a moment of comedy gold from 1997 show I'm Alan Partridge, in which minor celebrity Partridge meets a super-fan.

At one point, trapped in his room, he says: "I'll level with you—I'm scared."

"I'll level with you, I'm really scared"

— Mark Patterson (@MarkPattersonBR) June 2, 2014

Which might be roughly Neymar's reaction were he to encounter these two.

For those of you who want to relive that Alan Partridge moment, the episode is here.

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