Bayern Munich Winger Arjen Robben's Top 5 Netherlands Moments

Elko Born@@Elko_BContributor IJune 2, 2014

Bayern Munich Winger Arjen Robben's Top 5 Netherlands Moments

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    Having made an impressive 73 appearances for his country (including two World Cups), Arjen Robben is—along with Robin van Persie and Wesley Sneijder—arguably one of the Netherlands' most esteemed players.

    Today, the Bayern Munich man plays a major role in Louis van Gaal's Netherlands setup. From his debut in 2004 until now, Robben has been one of Oranje's key men. 

    Playing for the Netherlands, Robben has scored a beautiful goal or two. Here, we take a look at the five best. 

5. Winning Goal Against Serbia and Montenegro

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    BAZ CZERWINSKI/Associated Press

    During the World Cup in 2006, the Netherlands played their first game in the group stage against Serbia and Montenegro.

    It was a tight match, ultimately decided by a beautiful goal scored by Arjen Robben after 17 minutes. 

    After receiving a pass from Robin van Persie, Robben ran through the opposition's defence, calmly finishing off a one-on-one with the goalkeeper to score Oranje's first goal of the tournament.

4. His 1st During World Cup 2010

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    Julie Jacobson/Associated Press

    After failing to convert a one-on-one with Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas during the final, the 2010 World Cup would ultimately end in almost unbearable disappointment for Robben.

    However, without him, the Dutch might not have been able to reach the final in the first place. The winger's goal during Oranje's round-of-16 effort against Slovakia, for example, was essential. 

    The goal, which gave the Netherlands the lead after 18 minutes, demonstrated the understanding Robben had with Robin van Persie superbly. It was thanks to the Manchester United man's diagonal running that Robben could find the space to shoot and score. 

3. Semi-Final Goal Against Uruguay

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    Peter Dejong/Associated Press

    The Netherlands were leading 2-1 with about 20 minutes to go during their 2010 semi-final effort against Uruguay. Arjen Robben received a cross from Dirk Kuyt and headed it in, seemingly with little effort.

    The score was now 3-1. The game was over. 

    While Robben is normally admired for his dribbling ability, his goal against Uruguay showed that the quick winger has more skills than that: He's also not a bad header of the ball.

2. Running Rampage in 2004

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    LUCA BRUNO/Associated Press

    Euro 2004 was Arjen Robben's first major international tournament, and what a debut it was. 

    The young winger, then signed to Chelsea, was arguably the Netherlands' most exciting player, linking up with Ruud van Nistelrooy—then at Manchester United—from the left flank seamlessly. 

    The group match against Czech Republic was arguably Robben's best performance. The young winger completely dominated the game, providing the assist for Oranje's 1-0.

    When Robben was substituted after about an hour of play, the Dutch were leading 2-1. This completely changed the match: Without having to face Robben, Czech Republic managed to win 3-2. 

    It was a game fans would long remember—for various reasons.

1. Demolition Job Against France

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    Niklas Larsson/Associated Press

    During Euro 2008, the generation of players that would later go on to reach second place in the 2010 World Cup first stepped up to the mark. 

    Along with Wesley Sneijder and Robin van Persie, Arjen Robben formed a golden trio that left the opposition in the group stage (France, Italy and Romania) clueless. 

    France was brushed aside with a 4-1 victory. During the match, Dirk Kuyt and the aforementioned Van Persie and Sneijder managed to get a goal in, but the most beautiful goal was scored by Robben. 

    After receiving a pass from Sneijder, the winger—then at Real Madrid—fooled France's defence with a feint or two before slotting it past the French goalkeeper from what seemed like an impossible angle.