Floyd Mayweather Calls Himself 'King,' and God Said 'It Was Already Predestined'

BR-UK StaffFeatured Columnist IVJune 1, 2014

Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather has always had a habit of flaunting his wealth, but he's now taken to Instagram to justify it. And as it so happens, he has the highest justification of all.

Mayweather's photo, presumably taken from his yacht, was captioned with the following:

Yachts, private jets, foreign cars, mansions, unlimited shopping sprees, and I am just getting started! I spoke to God last night and I asked: "Is there a problem with how this lavish KING is living down here on earth?" and God said: "NO it was already predestined."

So to be clear, Mayweather has spoken to God, deemed himself a king and come away with the all-clear to continue his opulent lifestyle. Alright then.