WWE Payback 2014: Final Predictions for the Shield, John Cena and More

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistJune 1, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

The second edition of WWE Payback is just hours away, and the anticipation is growing ahead of one of the most exciting pay-per-view shows in some time.

With the drama and fallout from WrestleMania XXX and Extreme Rules still fresh in the memory, Payback provides an opportunity for the WWE to deliver yet another top showing on pay-per-view.

With two blockbusting matches at the top of the card, combined with some potential drama concerning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, there is sure to be plenty of excitement as the event rapidly approaches.

But how will the company's biggest stars get on at Payback 2014? Let's try and lock in some final predictions for the event.


John Cena

Despite many thinking he has a magnificent record in Last Man Standing matches, John Cena's record doesn't actually stand up too well.

A record of 2-2-1 from five matches of this type seems to dispel the myth that he is a superman in these scenarios, but that record looks set to improve at Payback.

Cena putting over Bray Wyatt by losing the match clean would be the ideal solution for everyone involved here, as it would hardly affect the standing of Cena in the WWE. It would also catapult Bray to new heights, but it simply doesn't look like it will happen.

Cena will be looking to get back into the title picture before too long, and a win here seems like the springboard he will need in order to move back up the card.

Expect John Cena to defeat Bray Wyatt cleanly, even though many people will disapprove.


The State of The WWE World Heavyweight Championship

There is an interesting subplot going on that will no doubt culminate at Payback, and it concerns the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Daniel Bryan refused to step away from his role as champion on the final Raw before the event, leaving Stephanie McMahon no choice but to issue Bryan an ultimatum.

Either he gives up the belt, or Brie Bella will be fired from the company.

Of course, it probably won't pan out to be as simple as that, as there will be plenty of external influence from the likes of Stephanie herself and probably Kane, who still has a massive score to settle with Bryan.

However, you should probably expect Bryan to remain champion heading out of Payback. He deserves to keep hold of the belt, and if he returns in the timescale expected, he should be good to go again in a few weeks.

Regardless of what happens, though, there are bound to be fireworks.


The Shield

Arguably the most explosive and anticipated contest on the card at Payback is going to be The Shield vs. Evolution.

After Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins scored the win at Payback, Evolution will be looking for revenge to remind everyone that they are the hottest faction in the company.

It will be interesting to see which two men are left standing in their six-man Elimination match, with Batista almost certain to take time off from the WWE following the match.

It would be unthinkable to see The Shield's rise toward the top of the WWE buried by Triple H and Evolution; therefore, the only logical result has to be a victory for The Shield.

That would give them a huge platform to build on heading toward the second part of the year, and with their popularity growing by the week, the sky is literally the limit for The Shield.