Lance Stephenson Pays Respect to LeBron in Instagram Post After Game 6 Loss

Jake SilverSocial Media StaffMay 31, 2014

Lance Stephenson's Instagram

In case you have been living under a rock for the past week, there's been some bad blood between Lance Stephenson and LeBron James. First, there was the whole blowing-in-ear incident, and in Game 6, there was the face-touching controversy.

It quickly grew as one of the stranger—but more entertaining—NBA rivalries and was on full display throughout the Eastern Conference Finals.

After the Miami Heat beat the Indiana Pacers 117-92 Friday night to advance to the NBA Finals, Stephenson payed his respects to The King on Instagram.

Here's what his caption said:

I have much respect for LeBron and the heat. This was a great series they deserve it all love to Heat. Want to say that I'm so proud of my teammates we work so hard all year to get to point, Everything is a learning experience and getting better every year love u guys Pacer nation and thanks to all of our Pacer fans love y'all too

[Lance Stephenson]