Weekend roundup: Jacko's Bad Moon Rison

Matt TarrContributor IJune 28, 2009

Catching up on some weekend happenings while trying to figure out why an Andre Rison jersey has been crudely attached to the childhood home of Michael Jackson …

(Northwest Indiana Times photo)

(Northwest Indiana Times photo)

- Speaking of Jacko, the death of The King of Pop (not to be confused with The Kings of Poop, ahem) apparently sparked a mini-riot on a Miami bus Friday (Reuters). Being proud residents of the Sunshine State, we actually find this episode to be merely the third most embarrassing Florida-related story of the weekend, ranking behind New Port Richey douchebag baiting Phillies pitcher J.C. Romero into punching him as the jock-sniffer was ATTEMPTING TO GET AUTOGRAPHS FROM PHILLIES PLAYERS (Tampabay.com), and a 70-year-old Manatee woman earning her seventh DUI (ABCactionnews.com).

- Seattle judge approves permit for strip club to be built near Safeco Field, despite objections from Mariners’ front office (and player wives, no doubt). (SeattlePI.com)

- Sports radio blabbermouth blind-sides Jennifer Capriati with questions about her sexuality; The Big Lead appalled at horny host’s objectification of female athletes. Thank goodness they’ve never lowered themselves to that sort of low-brow chicanery. C’mon guys, we love your site and all … but seriously?

- Cardinals fans (mostly) gaga over Mark DeRosa trade. One blogger … eh, not so much. (Viva El Birdos)