Countdown to the Bash: The Preview, Pt. 2

Kendrick DavisCorrespondent IJune 28, 2009

To those who read Part One, I wanna say thanks for the comments. Now we go into Part Two of Countdown To The Bash: The Preview.

The Bash will be live tonight on Pay Per View. This event will take place at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, Calif. Call your local cable provider, DIRECTV, or Dish Network. Also you can order the webcast on I wonder if I'll get paid for sponsoring...

Same thing as Part One, I will go over my analysis of each match, rate each match from one star to five stars and give my reason behind the rating. The final ingredient is will give my prediction and why I chose the winner of each match.

Shout-outs, again, to Aranda with the song "WhyYouWannaBringMeDown" the official theme song for The Bash.

Let's go break down the second half of matches for The Bash:


John Cena vs. The Miz

Since coming to RAW, The Miz has been on a mission to go after one of WWE's top superstars John Cena.

For weeks, The Miz has been a harsh critic of Cena's career in music, his recent film "12 Rounds." Miz claims a 7-0 record against the controversial superstar.

He knew Cena was not in condition to answer the challenge after being thrown into the spotlight by the Big Show.

Cena would get this chance to battle The Miz on RAW. However it didn't take place when Big Show attacked Cena.

With Show having Cena in a Cobra Clutch, Miz would nail Show with a steel chair. Then he turned his attention to a laid out Cena and then went in with the steel chair.

For Cena, it's all about putting the egomaniacal loud-mouth in his place and did it by challenging him to a match at The Bash.

After John Cena made it loud and clear about about his feeling towards The Miz, Miz slapped Cena and left the ring immediately before the Mr. HLR—Hustle, Loyalty and Respect—would fight back.

The verbal assaults, cheap shots, and comments stop when this feud goes in the ring at the ARCO Arena.

Will John Cena silence his loud-mouthed opponent or will The Miz make a name for himself by pulling an upset over WWE's controversial superstar? The only way to find is to watch The Bash live on Pay Per View.

RATING:Three. I'll be honest about this match, I want to see this contest, but it's not gonna be the show stealer.

PREDICTION: John Cena, no question about it. The Miz will probably give Cena a fight, and trust me, Miz is no cakewalk. However, what makes Cena one of the best is when he's down he doesn't go down without a fight and that's why I choose Cena.


Intercontinental Championship vs. The Mask Match: Chris Jericho (C) vs Rey Mysterio

The stakes don't get any any higher with these two squaring off in the ring at the Bash. Jericho is not the only one putting his title on the line but Rey made the ultimate sacrifice by putting the mask on the line after challenging Jericho for the Intercontinental title.

The mask that Mysterio wears is sacred to not only him but the legends before him in Lucha Libre.

These two have had a history in both WCW and WWE, and this is probably the best match ever in the history of the Intercontinental Championship with the stipulations on the line.

In a interview with Jim Ross and Todd Grisham on an episode from SmackDown, Mysterio made it known that he wants to go down as one of the greatest that ever wore the Intercontinental Championship of all time.

The rivalry began when these two were drafted to SmackDown on RAW's WWE Draft. The first match took place at Judgment Day and Mysterio was successful.

That all came to an end at Extreme Rules when Jericho ripped the mask off of Mysterio and pinned him for the win to become the nine-time Intercontinental Champion. Was it enough for Jericho?

It wasn't, Jericho has made it loud and clear that he will expose Mysterio to the WWE Universe at The Bash. He feels that Mysterio is hiding behind the mask and claims that his masked adversary is a coward by wearing it.

To Rey, it's not only about wearing the mask. It's the respect and love he has for the tradition of the Luchadors before him and it's very iconic.

Also, it's filled with pride and glory. Jericho won't stop his campaign until he beats Mysterio and reveal him forever to the public.

Will Jericho finally expose Mysterio to the world and be successful in his quest, or will the master of the 619 keeps his heritage and dethrone Jericho of the Intercontinental Championship? Sacramento is the place to watch the Intercontinental Title vs. Mask match.

STAR RATING: Four. This match has everything that I like and dislike. That's what fun about it, with everything on the line and the determination of winning what's valuable.

PREDICTION: Rey Mysterio, I for one like Lucha Libre wrestling and the mask is Mysterio. Plus we've seen his face in a match against the same guy but with long hair. 


World Heavyweight Championship: CM Punk (C) vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy's moment finally came when he beat Edge in one of the historic matches in Ladder Match history at Extreme Rules.

His reign didn't last, when all of a sudden, the music hits. It was the Straightedge superstar CM Punk coming down the ramp with the Money In The Bank briefcase and was cashing in on the World Heavyweight Championship.

With Hardy motionless, CM Punk hit the Go To Sleep on the former champion, but he kicked out. Then another Go To Sleep and it was all over with and CM Punk was crowned the World Heavyweight Champion.

CM Punk felt that the opportunity was there and he had to take advantage of it but people were not agreeing with what he did. Even the WWE Universe made their feelings known and the biggest critic of all was Jeff Hardy.

Hardy would get another shot at the WHC on RAW's three hour special Three for All, but this time it would be in a Triple Threat for the title. Hardy looked as if he had a chance to win the title against Edge but Punk once again prevented Hardy from becoming champion.

He did it by grabbing Hardy and hurling him to the outside to covered The Rated-R Superstar. After the match SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long made the made match with CM Punk defending the title against Jeff Hardy.

With the World Heavyweight Championship up for grabs, both Hardy and Punk will put themselves at risk in this high paced, tension-filled, breathtaking action. These two are champing at the bit to take out their frustration on each other.

Will the tenacious CM Punk keep retain his title or will the Charismatic Enigma take back what's rightfully his, the World Heavyweight Championship? Find out as these unorthodox superstars go at it in Sac-Town.

STAR RATING: Four. This is one of the matches I'm really excited to see because of their styles of wrestling. One has Muay-Thai addictive moves and the other is a high-flying, risk-taking superstar who will do anything to win in the WWE.

PREDICTION: CM Punk, it's could go either way. One, he'll still be a face and win then Edge comes in the World Title chase or he turns heel and continue his feud with Jeff Hardy. I like the Charismatic Enigma, but Punk is gonna keep his title for the time being.

Drum roll, please...Here it is, the main event.


Three Stages of Hell for the WWE Championship: Randy Orton (C) vs Triple H

What keeps Randy Orton's blood going are championships and power. That's what has taken place since the Viper has been WWE Champion. However he's not alone, Triple H has been known for wearing gold since his days in the Attitude Era.

Before The Bash, ex-RAW owner, billionaire  businessman Donald Trump, made a match for the commercial-free episode of RAW, and it was a Last Man Standing Match between the rivals for the WWE Championship, and it was well worth it.

These two went at it by annihilating each other outside of the ring, ladders and chairs were involved and took it to the stage. At that time both beat each other merciless till both were unable to get to get up and went to a draw.

The nightmare was set to begin for Orton. After buying RAW back from the billionaire, Mr. McMahon went on a power trip by announcing the the Three Stages of Hell Match. It's a two out of three falls match.

This match hasn't been made since 2002, in which The Game faced off against "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels at Armageddon. The first match will be a traditional wrestling match; the second stage will be a Falls Count Anywhere Match; and if it even goes to the third and final stage, they will do battle in a Stretcher Match.  

This isn't first rodeo between these two. It all started with Randy Orton going after Triple H's second family, The McMahons. First, Orton slapped then kicked Vince McMahon in the head.

Then Shane McMahon was the next target, where he was kicked in the skull as well. When Triple H's wife and mother of his children, Stephanie McMahon, confronted Orton on his actions, she fell victim to devastating RKO.

Orton's Reign of Terror came at Backlash when he put Triple H on the shelf with a devastating kick causing The Game to miss action. Shane McMahon would be a victim again after a three-on-one handicap match but this time Shane-O-Mac would be not be seen on TV after Orton shattered his ankle with a chair and steel step.

Not only was Orton responsible, but his Legacy henchmen Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase would follow his path of destruction.

The night after losing the WWE title to Batista at Extreme Rules, Orton and Legacy had a plan to take out the Animal and it was successful. Orton would severely damage Batista's arm which was torn prior to the Steel Cage Match. This devastating attack would send the Animal to the hospital.

Former RAW General Manager Vickie Guerrero said the match would go on and if Batista didn't return to the arena, Orton would be crowned the WWE Champion. The ambulance came but Orton didn't know what was in store for him and Legacy.

The screen showed Triple H staring in the camera and with him he has a sledgehammer. Randy Orton and comrades would be in shock when The Game would calmly walk to the ring.

An enranged Triple H would wreak havoc on Rhodes and DiBiase then destroying Orton with a steel chair, then he pedigreed the Viper.

The next week on RAW the vacant WWE Championship was on the line with Batista out for awhile. This time it was a Fatal Four Way Match with Orton, Triple H, John Cena and The Big Show.

It was an all-out war until the venomous Viper took advantage by hurling Cena out of the ring and covering an unconscious Big Show.

Now, it doesn't get any better for Randy Orton. He defends his title against his ex-Evolution mentor who looks to avenge what has happened to him and his family.

Will Orton avoid the wrath that is Triple H and keep the gold in the Legacy threshold or will The Game be able to take the title away from the head of Legacy.

The only way to witness the slaughterhouse that is the three stages of hell is to watch The Bash.

STAR RATING: Four. It's gonna be a war between HHH and Orton but this match will not be better than the last three stages of hell contest with HHH and HBK.  

PREDICTION: It's hard to predict what's gonna happen especially with the next PPV around the corner. I pick Randy Orton. As much as I want Triple H to win, Orton has the mental edge with Triple H in revenge mode. Legacy will reign supreme at The Bash.  

Thank you for spending time with me and our journey to The Bash. If you wanna witness the action, order The Bash from your local cable provider, DIRECTV and Dish Network. Also there's a webcast on See you at The Bash.


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