Let's Build a $15 Fantasy Team of Sports Icons for the Ultimate Vegas Trip

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 30, 2014


The concept of building a $15 All-Star team has been making the rounds on social media this week, which got me thinking:

What if we applied this idea to something vastly more enriching? What if we could put together a legendary sports squad for one of the most important occasions in life? 

What if we built…a Vegas crew?

Yes, that’s what we’re doing, and the premise is simple:

You have $15 and a range of athletes to choose from to build the perfect team for one unforgettable weekend in Las Vegas. Each athlete has their corresponding dollar value, and it’s up to you to dole out the money in such a manner that your ultimate product will be the most effective and mind-blowingly awesome crew of Vegas crusaders imaginable.


Let’s go through the categories: 


The Bank Roller

The bank roller is there to front your trip. They are the piggy bank, the greaser of bouncers and the guy who will keep the VIP section locked down. If someone starts bowling with champagne bottles at the Bellagio, they'll take care of the incidentals and swing enough authority to keep you from getting booted.


The Chick Magnet

The chick magnet is in charge of—welp—chicks. They are the sweet honeypot that attracts the opposite sex to your entourage and keeps them happy. Looks are important, but the ability to show people a good time is not to be underrated. You want a full-service host and social butterfly here (as well as a bachelor).


The Wild Card

Ah…the wild card, an individual whose only responsibility is not being responsible at all. The wild card is there to supply the bat-stick craziness and nothing else. The entire trip hinges on this person’s inability to be a normal human being. They are the catalyst for all of the world’s greatest Vegas stories.


The Gambler

Of course there’s the gambler, who you’ll depend on to keep the tables hot and the good times rolling. They are your bedrock between parties, and they will not let you sleep until you’re bankrupt or sitting like a king. And then they still won’t let you sleep. 


Mr. Responsibility

Last, but not least, Mr. Responsibility is the guy who takes of everyone. He’s entirely underrated but is generally the difference between getting back to the hotel or spending a night in jail. They are your tie to reality and provide plenty of sport in terms of getting them to crack. Nothing is better than finally getting Mr. Responsibility to let loose.

Final disclaimer: This is all about your ideal team. There’s no right or wrong, but the ultimate goal is a crew that you would have the most fun with.

Now get to picking.


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