Colts Make Good Decision On Marcus Howard

Chad CheelyContributor IMay 1, 2008

The Indianapolis Colts pick up a solid defender in the 5th round this year. As a follower of The University of Georgia, I have been lucky enough to watch Marcus Howard grow and develop into an amazing defender. This guy has the heart to be playing on Sundays.

Howard's career at Georgia wasn't a huge one but his impact on the team his last season was big.  He did not put up huge numbers in the beginning but stepped out in last season.

Howard is a sack-hungry pass rusher with blood on his mind. This was made obvious in his five sack performance in the Sugar Bowl. He also recovered fumbles and scored a touchdown. He was named the MVP of the Sugar Bowl against the undefeated University of Hawaii.

Hopefully Howard can add intensity to his game in the NFL. He is suited to play Defensive End or Line Backer, depending on the needs of the team. At either position, Howard will make a great addition to an already amazing team.