Is the Truck Series in Jeopardy?

Joshua LobdellCorrespondent IJune 27, 2009

In a word, no.


The Truck series will be around for many years to come as the folks who run NASCAR absolutely love this series. However to keep this series viable, it must return to its roots. It must once again become a low cost alternative for new teams, drivers, and sponsor to get use to the world of NASCAR.


This is one of those rare occasions where NASCAR fans should really applaud the executives in charge of NASCAR. They are attempting to be extremely proactive in trying to rein in the cots associated with operating a truck series team.


Over the years NASCAR has implemented many cost saving rules to the Truck series:


·         Limiting the sets of tires each team gets per race weekend

·         Limiting the number of crew members the teams may bring to the track

·         Limiting the number of over the wall crew persons

·         Forcing teams to seal engines so they may be used more than once


Now most of these rules and procedures have helped the race teams stay profitable. However there are some ugly facts we must now consider. Roush Fenway Racing is operating the No. 6 truck at a loss this year due to the withdrawal of Ford’s factory support for this series. Dodge and Chevy have also withdrawn their support leaving Toyota the only manufacturer giving truck series teams and monetary support.


Back to the No. 6 team, the only reason RFR ran this team in 2009 was because they had a sponsorship agreement with Conway Freight. So they operate the team at a loss, get some quality seat time for young Colin Braun, and look to leave the series in 2010.


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