Carmelo Anthony Receives New Corvette Stingray from Wife La La for His Birthday

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 30, 2014


Leaving behind your 20s is much easier to do when someone surprises you with a brand-new car. 

Carmelo Anthony turned 30 on Thursday and rang in the occasion by posing with his wife, La La, and his new Corvette. 

The actress/DJ surprised her husband with what appears to be a 2014 Corvette Stingray. (The 2015 model doesn’t drop until September.) La La posted a picture of herself and Anthony sitting on the new ride and wrote a caption recalling how far they’ve come since they first met. 

“I met u when u were 19...fell in love with u when u were 20...& TODAY we celebrate your 30th BIRTHDAY! 🎊🎊hope you enjoy ur new Corvette Stingray from me with ALL MY LOVE!!! Thank you@therealswizzz & @dancyautogroup for making today so special!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!! I LOVE U.”

You’ll notice that La La thanked hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz and Dancy Automotive Group in her caption, which likely means both parties had something to do with the purchase.

Did Swizz help supply the funds for the car? Did La La buy it? It’s unclear how much money Mrs. Anthony is pulling down these days, but a new 2014 Corvette Stingray starts at around a cool $50,000.

Regardless of who bought the car, it’s a fitting ride. Corvette buyers usually time their purchases with a midlife crisis, while Carmelo is facing his own mid-career ordeal in the form of potential free agency.

The New York Knicks star has an early termination clause in his contract that would allow him to become a free agent this summer. He now faces a swarm of potential suitors (the Los Angeles Lakers, the Chicago Bulls, the Houston Rockets, everyone) who’d pay handsomely for him to leave the floundering Knicks and help their team win a championship.

Where Carmelo will go is unknown. What we do know is he is in the driver’s seat and big expectations will follow wherever he decides to park this Corvette for the next seven to nine years.


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