Asda's 'Ku Klux Klan'-Looking Flag and the Worst 2014 World Cup Merchandise

Ryan BaileyFeatured ColumnistMay 30, 2014

Asda's 'Ku Klux Klan'-Looking Flag and the Worst 2014 World Cup Merchandise

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    Supermarket chain Asda traditionally produce a range of low-cost World Cup merchandise in the build-up to a World Cup, but their latest attempt at cashing in on patriotism seems a little misguided.

    The "wearable England flag" has created quite a stir on Twitter as customers point out that the novel £3 product looks rather like a Ku Klux Klan hood when worn. 

    In light of this questionable St George's flag adaptation, here's some of the worst World Cup merchandise you can buy to cheer on the boys in Brazil...  

The Two-Person T-Shirt

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    Primark have excelled themselves not only with their support for England, but their invention of an entirely new and utterly useless garment. 

    The Metro recently reported on this two-person t-shirt, appropriately emblazoned with the phrase "Dream Team." 

    Presumably, the challenge is to see whether you and a friend can move more quickly than England's No. 10 Wayne Rooney while wearing it. 

The Wembley Mouse Mat

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    No one has actually used a mouse mat since 2003, but five English pounds will earn you this lovely panorama of an empty Wembley Stadium to plonk next to your keyboard. 

Wing Mirror Socks

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    Apparently, wing mirror socks are an actual thing. Possibly for when your wing mirrors are cold. 

    If a set of plastic flags isn't enough to let fellow motorists know your national team of preference, these automotive accoutrements are yours for £2.50 on eBay. 

The Garden Gnome

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    The only thing worse than buying a garden gnome is buying a World Cup-themed garden gnome decked out in St George's flags.

    If Asda sell out of wearable England flags, this ornamental alternative will set you back £25 in one of their stores. 

The England Wall Decal

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    Does your home have a wall that needs a large England-themed 2014 Brazil World Cup decal plastered onto it?

    The answer is almost certainly yes and the official FIFA store has just the thing for you. 

The Versace World Cup Shirt

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    You could buy a lot of things with £410. Yet that amount of money will only get you one Versace World Cup t-shirt, designed to make you look like the backdrop at a Carlos Santana concert. 

    "Gold chains and leopard print add luxury," coos the Versace website (per Yahoo! Sport), "while silhouettes of football players connect the glamour of Versace with the sportsmanship of Brazil." Hmmm, not so sure about that. 



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    Fabio Pozzebom/Associated Press

    The Caxirola is Brazil's equivalent of the South African vuvuzela—a noise-making gimmick that creates more irritation than fun.

    Shaped like hand grenades, they are basically just glorified rattles. Those who have purchased one for Brazil will soon find them pretty redundant, however, as they have now been banned from all 12 stadia


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