Spelling Bee Judge Quotes Kelis' 'Milkshake' During Competition

Ken Chin@@thekenchinSocial Media StaffMay 29, 2014

Bleacher Report

This is a new one. 

During the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee, co-champion Sriram Hathwar was asked to spell the word “Feijoada.” The youngster needed to hear the word used in a sentence, and that's when things went wrong. 

Dr. Jacques Bailly then dropped the "Milkshake" line saying, “While Tabitha discovered that her milkshake brought all the boys to yard…” before he was cut off.

Kelis' "Milkshake" was a hit song from 2003 and we are still trying to figure out what that has to do with "Feijoada," which is a Brazilian dish made with beans, pork or beef. 

Regardless, anytime you can bring up "Milkshake" in conversation is okay with us. 

Take it away, Kelis. 


[YouTube, h/t The Big Lead]