Opinions 14 July

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Opinions 14 July

Terrell Owens said today that apparently he didn't say something printed in his own autobiography.  You know, sometimes it seems like the idiot caricatures you see of athletes in movies and tv shows come to life and then are twice as dumb as they are in the shows.  T.O., if you say early on that "these are my words" and it's an autobiography about you - congratulations - you said it.

The Reds have traded Austin Kearns and Felipe Lopez for Majewski, Bray, Harris, Clayton, and minor leaguer Daryl Thompson of the Nationals.  This comes just a day or two after the Astros acquired Aubrey Huff from the Astros for very little.  I find this incredibly interesting, because both of these guys have been potential targets for Cub fans over the last year and a half as potential Chicago Cubs, the former as a starting corner outfielder, the latter as a left fielder/4th outfielder/backup 3B and 1B type.  There were various excuses - imagine that - flying around about why neither was needed nor worth it, although now two contenders seem to want them, and their teams seemed willing to trade them.  Interesting.  For the record, Huff is hitting .286 with 31 RBI.  Kearns has 16 HR and 50 RBI.  Both have around a 350 OBP, which isn't that high, but it's better than the OBPs of Cubs' current LF Matt Murton, UT John Mabry, UT Freddie Bynum, CI Phil Nevin, RF Jacque Jones, and OF Angel PaganD'OH!  (Jones is the only one on the list I'd rather have than Huff, btw).  OH, and guess who's on the DL again...it's Mark Prior!!!  [runs to store to buy whiskey to drown Cubsorrow].

Barry Bonds had yet another ex-associate turn on him yesterday; this time it was the man who was the best man at his 1998 wedding.  Apparently their rift began in 2003 when Bonds and Mr. Hoskins, who was dealing Bonds autographs at the time, got into an argument over whether a random fan was wearing a jersey with a forgery on it.  Silly argument, right, especailly to break up a friendship that's been there since childhood and make the other guy go to the feds three years later?  Barry should be a case study in why character counts in life.  His latest inanity is this gem: "I don't know why the government is doing what it's doing."  What, trying to enforce the law?  Good Lord...

Bruce Arena isn't coming back as US Coach.  Good!  We've now made a decision exactly in line with what a powerhouse soccer nation would do.  I'm skeptical about Jurgen Klinsman, though, and don't think he should be the number 1 target.  Home nations generally do well in the World Cup, and it's not like they were short on talent.  He had two outstanding goalkeepers (Kahn, Lehman), some great vets in their prime (Ballack, Klose), and some electric youngsters (Lamm, Schweinsteiger, Podolski), and they won 3rd place playing in their own stadia...

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