WWE WTF: The Shield V Evolution Contract Revealed, WWE Losses and More

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Just how much money is WWE expected to lose in 2014? Is “Sycho [sic] Sid” going to be committed to the Big Brother house? Could the Shield-Evolution contract from Raw double as sacred scripture?

Monday’s contract signing on Raw reportedly featured a contract that had more to do with WWE’s omnipotence than the Shield or Evolution. A picture of the contract (from Wrestleshare via WrestlingInc) reveals the following message:

“World Wrestling Entertainment is a creative genius. The whole creation of the universe was fashioned by his ever-toiling hands. All living mortals should praise his name and image.”

It’s highly likely this document had to be notarized by a higher power. 

Sycho Sid once claimed to have enough power to rule the world, but this summer he may rule the upcoming season of Big BrotherWrestlingInc noted Sid is a potential name to appear as a house guest, though this should be taken with a grain of salt since they're citing not-so-reliable Big Brother message boards. This will be worth a watch, if nothing else, because the show goes live once a week.

WWE’s stock is worth watching, only to make sure it’s still alive. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via WrestlingInc), WWE is on pace to lose the most money of any pro wrestling company in history in a single calendar year, with the exception of WCW in 2000.  Shareholders must now anticipate how long it will be until WWE Chairman Vince McMahon loses his mind.

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