A Bit Of Wisdom For The Golf Beginner

Rick Martin@golfexaminer1Contributor IJune 27, 2009

Hey Friends, I'm amazed at how many students come to me after having spent $500, or more on just their Driver alone, yet they feel that spending a measly $300 on a 10 lesson package is far too much. Listen, The Club is absolutely nothing without the proper knowledge behind it. What good is any tool if you don't know how to use it? If you're wanting that million dollar look, I guess that's fine. If you want that million dollar swing, you're going to have to put your dollars and time into your lessons and practice. 

If you're just starting out in golf, go to a pawn shop and pick up a cheap set. Look for a good golf instructor. Watch golfers that impress you, ask them who they learned from. Some of the greatest instructors may not always be well known. Find an instructor who has a true passion for the game and loves teaching others.

After finding a good instructor, pay close attention to all instructions no matter how silly they may seem. Get in at least 3 practices before each lesson. You need to build your muscle memory. The only way to do this is through constant practice on the driving range. When playing around never use it for practice, allow your muscle memory to take hold. You shouldn't have to think about your swing, let it come naturally from your muscle memory.

It normally takes about a year of playing, and practicing to really become good at this game. My best advice is to work closely with an instructor, take no less than 10 beginner lessons, and then work with a pro at least twice a month on shaping your game.